Thursday April 22, 2010 | Younger Next Year: Active Beyond 50

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We’ll tackle the question of how to maintain a healthy and long quality of life after 50. We’ll meet one of the authors of Younger Next Year and hear how some of the most basic tips about your health can make all the difference and help you “live like you’re 50 till you’re 80 and beyond.” We’ll also meet a practicing physician who advocates strategies to optimize health and wellbeing that utilize the best of conventional and complementary medical therapies.
Chris Crowley
– Co-Author, Younger Next Year
Dr. Russ Greenfield – Practicing physician and Author

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  1. Quitting smoking was the greatest thing I ever did.

  2. Chris. I have purchased read and give away six copies of your book.
    I am rebuilding after two total knee replacements this January. (at 55_)

    I want to recommend to you and all your listeners that they look into Community Dancing, especially Contra Dance. It is aerobic, low impact and makes you smile til your jaw hurts.

    The dance community spans 20s, 30, 40, 50, 60s. A great community that creates connections, another important part of your book.


    Charley Harvey

  3. I agree completely with your guests. I also suggest that exercise and fitness be taught as a major course in schools at every grade level.

    Question to your guests? My mantra is that, The most important thing about fitness is not how much weight you can lift or how long your cardiovascular sessions are. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT FITNESS IS CONSISTENCY! What are your guests comments on that statement?

  4. How about yoga? I am almost 61 and became a certified yoga teacher in 2009. Yoga has helped me grow stronger and more balanced: both physically and emotionally. I now teach 4 times a week to mostly older women and I have seen an almost magical positive change in my students.

  5. I recently lost my job and decided to include improving my health (and to keep my sanity) by exercising everyday.

    Over the years, (I am 56) I had gained more than 60 lbs. since turning 50 as I was traveling 100% on my former job.

    Like your authors advised I started slowly, walking 3 miles a day and working up to 6 miles. Then added daily weight lifting 4 months later and 45 minutes of aerobic exercise at the YMCA.

    I have lost 30 lbs. in 10 months and have 40 more to go. Thanks for the show and the ideas. Your authors are 100% on the money!!

  6. I heard the last of your visit on Charlotte Talks today, and agree with the “exercise is fun” philosophy.

    We have an elliptical, I use it every day, early in the a.m., for an hour. I have a bike and go for rides every day, weather and time permitting. We also have an Aussie Shepherd dog, and dogs need to “get their ya-ya” out, even if they are in a fenced yard. We go for woods walks every day.

    My gym is the outdoors and our den, where the elliptical is. We have BlueRay tv and listen to online radio. This saves $ and time.

    Thanks for taking a few moments to read this. You definitely “nailed it” as far as an exercise program goes, what little I heard!

  7. mark gregory: You have done yourself a great service and so now you must share your advantages with others. Are you walking 6 miles around a closed circuit like a fundraiser carrying a rock around a tree or do you integrate exercise into your daily activities? So much of our country is subdivision bound or gym bound and does not possess any real freedom of movement. The option of travel on foot or bike needs to be made a safe and viable option from anywhere to anywhere. We need a complete system of walkways, trails, byways and paths permeating our nation separate and distinct from the noxious highways. People could then possess healthy activity without a metered fee.

    melissa: Thanks for enumerating your personal possessions and advantages. I’m sure we are all drooling. Would you be willing, Madam, to put some of your lucre into taxes so that the rest of us might enjoy bodily freedom and robust health like yourself. So many of us are still shoveling “ya-ya” and being treated worse than an Aussie Shepherd on the job in order to gratify investors. Health and fitness correlate directly with wealth as most studies show.

    Dixie B.: You’re correct about yoga. My main benefit is flexibility and breath control. (I was a diaphragmic surgical patient last year.)The hardest part was when the mature women in my group assumed that I had joined as a voyeur. Viewing their leotarded bodies was a pleasant externality of my primary goal: to continue breathing. (I am 54 but appear older.)

    There’s a new dance craze called the Charley Harvey.
    You cradle your glass like at a cocktail party.
    You pinch a snack right off each lady.
    And salute each Squire as if in the Navy.

    Slap your hips:
    “one-two, one-two”
    Then cut a backflip
    like a kinkajou (honey bear)

    If your head is floating
    And your bottom is smarty
    You may have been doing
    The Charley Harvey

    Jim is correct: Don’t slack off.
    Although he’s crazy for buying all those books.
    Can you jog and read at the same time?
    I think he’s really a press agent.

    Jessica: They’ve just invented smokeless menthols.

  8. Grady apparently just finished reading “How to Make Friends and Influence People”.

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