Friday April 16, 2010 | Carolina Chocolate Drops & Fire Station #2

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Part One: Carolina Chocolate Drops
Meet and hear the story of a local group who went from wanting to learn more about their chosen brand of music to becoming touring stars in their industry. The Carolina Chocolate Drops will join us and we’ll hear music from their new CD, and talk about how the group met each other through their mutual love of banjo music and about how their group has exploded in the music industry.
Justin Robinson
– Fiddler, Carolina Chocolate Drops
Rhiannon Giddens – Singer and fiddler, Carolina Chocolate Drops
Dom Flemons – Banjo Player, Carolina Chocolate Drops

Part 2: Charlotte Fire Station 2
The oldest standing fire station in Charlotte sits almost unnoticed on South Blvd. just outstide of uptown. A battle over its survival is becoming an example of the city’s struggle between preservation and progress. We’ll learn about the people hoping to save the station from the wrecking.
Kerry Singe – Staff Reporter, The Charlotte Observer
Tom Hanchett – Staff Historian, Levine Museum of the New South

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  1. A beautiful piece of Charlotte history – I hope the community can come together to preserve this building!

  2. An online petition has been created to give a voice to concerned citizens in Charlotte. We are calling upon our community leaders to preserve Charlotte’s Historic Fire Station No. 2 by adopting the following measures:

    First, we ask that Charlotte’s City Council use whatever legal means necessary to prevent the building’s destruction.

    Second, we ask for a joint meeting between Charlotte’s City Council representatives, members of Charlotte’s Historic Landmarks Commission, Marcel Stark (present owner), and local non profits that seek to support this Charlotte landmark.

    It is our desire that all viable options are discussed in order to place protective covenants on the deed, extend its historic designation, and renovate this Charlotte treasure. It will be necessary to think outside the box to reach a solution in this case.

    We call upon our dedicated leaders, to be as passionate about preserving this important part of Charlotte’s history as we are.

    Link to online petition:
    Link to facebook group “Save Charlotte’s Historic Fire Station #2”
    5700+ members:

  3. I love the CCDs!! I first heard them a few years ago on News and Notes (I miss that show). I’m curious to know what music they listen to in their spare time. Thanks for having them on.

  4. I recently read the article about the fire station in the Charlotte Observer. When it went up for sale why didn’t the city buy it? Now it’s in the hands of someone who wants to make a profit not preserve a landmark. To me, it’s important to save history!!! Why do you think we have libraries, museums, archologists!!! We learn from history. We past it down to the next generation. It makes us who we are today!!

  5. How appropriate to include the discussion of the historic fire station in the same episode of Charlotte Talks with the Carolina Chocolate Drops! They will be performing tonight at the Neighborhood Theater and as they are burning down the house, perhaps we may need use of it. Oh, I forgot, there is a very nice one right around the corner. Nevertheless, the gem on South Boulevard deserves to be preserved. We really do not need any more condominiums now and especially right at that spot. Charlotte has traditionally had a poor reputation for supporting local musicians or any meaningful efforts to preserve its historic architectural jewels, mostly demolished now by land speculators.

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