Friday April 9, 2010 | Grassroots Organizing

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From the Tea Party and Coffee Party to President Obama’s famous history of community organizing, activist groups have a long and rich history in America. Our guests today, Si Kahn and Donna Red Wing have been at the center of activism for decades. Si Kahn writes and sings about grassroots activism and community organizing. His new book is called Creative Community Organizing: A Guide for Rabble-Rousers, Activists and Quite Lovers of Justice. They both join us for a conversation about community organizing and its place in modern political life.
Si Kahn
– Executive Director Emeritus, Grassroots Leadership
Donna Red Wing – Executive Director, Grassroots Leadership

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  1. Why is the left so angry at concerned informed Americans peacefully assembling to voice their opinions? The good people forming the Tea parties are being maligned.

    Violence from the left:
    Union thugs beat black man
    MoveOn protester bites finger off tea party protester
    Delegates doused with bleach, 83 year old assaulted
    Man pleads guilty to dropping sandbags off overpass

    Vandalism from the left:
    Brick thrown thought GOP office window
    Delegates bus tires slashed
    Tires slashed on 25 vehicles rented by Republicans.
    Reid supporters throw eggs
    Video of above
    Liberal Violence, Intimidation, and Vandalism

    Obama campaign donator arrested for death threat
    800 arrest at Gop Convention
    Mug shots

    Democrat vandalizes Democrat office, tea party blamed
    Obama Hitler picture was made by a Democrat
    NBC, MSNBC and CNN blame Republicans for above
    Black churches burning hoax
    Bill Clinton lies about memories of black churches burning
    $10,000 check for proof of racism from tea party protesters
    Democrat Militiaman

    A tale of two rallies
    Trash left by tea party vs. Obama inauguration
    Paul Krugman’s outrage at Sarah Palin’s map

    “The president said both Democrats and Republicans have a responsibility to tone down the rhetoric…” from CBS NEWS 4/1/2010
    Betrayed this coutnry sound bite  Al Gore sound bites
    “I don’t want to quell anger”
    Obama endorses getting in peoples faces
    “Punch back twice as hard”
    “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun”
    Democrat says Republicans want you to “Die Quickly”
    Democrat congressman paints tea partiers as racist
    Chris Matthews makes vulgar reference
    Ed Shultz on ripping Dick Cheney’s heart out
    Obama laughing at Wanda Sykes hate
    “Teabagging rednecks”
    “F**king Retarded”
    John Kerry accuses soldiers of “terrorizing” women and kids
    John Murtha calls marines murderers
    Harry Reid: “This war is lost”

    “I am concerned about a political climate in which the other side is demonized.” -President Obama on CBS 4/2/2010

    Obama demonizes the people
    Obama demonizes wall street
    Obama demonizes doctors
    Obama demonizes insurance companies
    Obama demonizes doctors and insurance companies
    Obama demonizes the Supreme Court
    Obama demonizes the Cambridge Police Department
    Obama demonizes Republicans
    Obama demonizes working with Republicans
    Obama demonizes the “Previous Administration”
    and Again

    “At times, it seems like we’re unable to listen to one another; to have at once a serious and civil debate.” -President Obama at National Prayer Breakfast 2/9/2010

    Protesters call for Bush’s death
    Nasty treatment of Bush in Portland, Oregon
    Karl Rove verbally assaulted with lies
    Code Pink confronts Donald Rumsfeld
    Code Pink calls marines “war criminals”
    Loud vulgar voices

    “You hear in this debate, you hear analogies, you hear references to, you see pictures about and depictions of individuals that are truly stunning, and you hear it all the time. People — imagine five years ago somebody comparing health care reform to 9/11. Imagine just a few years ago had somebody walked around with images of Hitler.” -White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs 11/6/2009

    “…I don’t recall for eight years President Bush ever being portrayed with a Hitler moustache…” -Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D) 12/3/2009

    Bush is Hitler
    Left-Wing mobs with Bush/Hitler signs
    More of the same
    Democrat Senator compares U.S. soldiers to Nazis.
    Nancy Pelosi portrays Tea Party Protesters as Nazis.
    Al Gore calls bloggers “Digital Brownshirts”

  2. Obama got his start in politics as a “community organizer” in Chicago — so why does the left-leaning mass-media constantly demean the Tea Partiers for doing some “community organizing” of their own?

  3. The tea party protesters are being maligned as violent and racist. It’s despicable because it’s not true. Hopefully this show won’t go there.
    Here’s all the evidence you need to show the anger and mean-spiritness of today’s radical left-wing. I haven’t heard much about them for some reason.

  4. The “Radical Right” are not the only radicals in the country. Take a look at the group that attacked Karl Rove last week, shouting at him that they wished him to die and burn in hell. I call that radical, but it definitely was not from anyone on the right, or anyone ‘religious.’

  5. Is what George Soros does “Astroturf”? Or SEIU? I love how if the right does it it’s astroturf and if the left does it is grassroots.

    • I agree. I’ve been doing conservative volunteer work since 2004, and have never been sponsored or paid for it. How could they call that “Astroturf?” Its just hypocritical.

      • I’ll agree with this sentiment, but point out that both sides are doing that.

        If you happen to be liberal, you are prone to believe unproven stories that the Tea Party is astroturf, and if you happen to be conservative, then you are prone to believe unproven stories about The Coffee Party.

        Neither have any proof to back them up. Just rumors they wish so hard are true that they can’t discern the difference between wishing and proof.

      • I agree the we should hear about both sides but we don’t we hear about one. For proof that the left is more unhinged than the right see my post (and the 60+ links) at the top of this thread.

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