Wednesday March 24, 2010 | Entrepreneurial Longevity

March 23, 2010 at 12:31 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 4 Comments

A conversation about entrepreneurs and how to be successful for the long haul. We’ll meet with an entrepreneurial expert who trains would-be business starters on how to start a business with a mind for long-term success. We’ll also talk with someone who has run her own business for 50 years and a fledgling entrepreneur just starting a business she hopes will last for decades.
Joan Zimmerman
– CEO of Southern Shows, Inc. of Charlotte
Cassmer Ward – CEO of The ClearCollar in Charlotte
Dr. Chuck Bamford – Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy at the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte

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  1. What is the point of fervent entrepreneurialism when the economy is already fully set up, when “all necessary needs have been met” as the guest just said?

    What we need now are socioeconomic sustainers since most everything is already built.

  2. When starting my business, a fellow entrepenuer congratulated me and gave me some wise words.

    She said, “Starting a company is like having the roof ripped off your house. You’re exposed to the weather but now you can see the stars.”

  3. Thank you @LifeCoachKaren, Karen McMillan, Retreat Coach, Charlotte for letting me know about this fantastic program offering stories of success in entrepreneurship long-term. I am director, of PLAY=PEACE, dedicated to bringing PLAY & DREAMS to those who would like to find their own unique paths on the road to playful, inspirational living.

    Play=Peace, Mary Alice

    • Doctor of Philosophy Ms. Long:
      Realist about summed it up for you. Seems like this society is all about using play and dreams to avoid reality already.

      I found a Christian woman in the grocery store buying grits today who was awake and centered in the here and now. We got into a heated discussion and drew a small audience. In the end she asked that I pray a prayer: “Jesus Christ, if you are the only path to salvation, then please prove it to me.” I saw no harm in that request, and since she believes in the power of prayer I asked her to pray that I be accepted and respected in our local community.

      This woman, a refugee from Katrina, and I, a refugee from Wall Street, show business and elective politics are both running entrepreneurial not for profits out of our purses. No salaries are paid and no accounting is kept. In the end we decided that we both like stone ground grits and that was enough. I felt like I made a billion when I found such a wonderful new discussion partner.

      Several years ago I was a facilitator for Pachmama Alliance’s “Awaken In the Dream” which sounds similar to your enabling. I’d like to compare notes sometime at

      Mike: How’d you get forced into this one? Rich people can start a hobby or vanity business anytime, but this subject matter is an affront to those suffering employment and income difficulties.

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