Thursday March 18, 2010 | Stress and Effects on the Body

March 17, 2010 at 12:26 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 2 Comments

We examine a health crisis that is rising in America, even though very few people understand it. Stress and its effect on the body is real and it is deadly according to our expert panel. Dr. Louis Csoka runs a company that helps people understand the stress levels they create and how the body reacts to that stress and Dr. Jordan Lipton sees patients suffering from stress-induced illness every day. Don’t stress out, just join us for Charlotte Talks.
Dr. Louis Csoka
– Founder, Apex Performance
Dr. Jordan Lipton – General Practitioner, Signature Healthcare

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  1. Hi, as one who has struggled with severe depression, allergies, colitis, anxiety, the works… I have tried the pharmaceutical approach, been a student of Dialectical Behavior individual & group psycho-therapy. However, I have found that this all boils down to pain vs. suffering. As your guests state, stress is un-avoidable. However, my best … See Moresuccess thus far in increasing my threshold for it, and changing my perspective to it, has been the inclusion of my Christian faith on my thinking. I am curious as to whether your guests have studied those who have a strong religious faith and IF, in fact, that does allow them to PERCIEVE stress differently, short & long-term. I have found this to work for me, because, if I understand that it is not MY job to control things, it’s God’s job & He’s more capable than I, there is a peace in my spirit that allows me to look at hardships differently. The load is off of my shoulders, on many levels. What do your guests say about this type of thinking?

  2. Find stress relief at The Peaceful Dragon –
    Tai chi, yoga, meditation as well as kung fu and other traditional Chinese martial arts. Wonderful teachers, beautiful facility. Something for every level of physical ability. Mind, body and spirit are nourished at this wonderful school.

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