Thursday March 11, 2010 | Camellias & SC ‘Tea Party’

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Part One: Camellias
We’ll explore some of the surprisingly interesting facts about Camellias. The American Camellia Society is coming to Charlotte this weekend to judge area growers on their camellia growing efforts, so we’ll take some time to learn a bit about these plants, which, we’re told, can live for 800 years. Learn the history of the camellia and why its export was prevented from the Chinese for centuries.
Frank Rubbo
– Camellia grower specializing in outdoor plants
Matt Hunter – VP of the American Camellia Society
Larry Mellichamp – Director of UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens

  • Event  |  The Charlotte Camellia Society Show is at BlackLion on Park Road in Pineville March 13th & 14th. More information: (704) 366-2645

Part Two: South Carolina ‘Tea Party’ Movement
We’ll catch up on the ongoing controversy brewing between members of the Tea Party Movement and South Carolina Republicans, who, last month were allied, and then less than a week later, were not. We’ll look at how the Tea Party Movement is affecting Republicans in South Carolina and across the country.
Dr. Scott Huffmon
– Associate Professor, Political Science at Winthrop University
Glenn McCall – Former Chair of the York County Republican Party and Representative from the SC Republican Party on the Republican National Committee

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  1. The so called ‘tea party’ should change the name to the ‘party of hypocrisy’ for that’s what it’s become as the real grassroots was taken over by the extremist and corporations of the right! They were the ones, just look at those who show up, who were readily supporting all that went on, and didn’t get regulated nor investigated in the previous decade while calling anyone who opposed them and the policies every name under the sun! If they meant what they’re saying now they would have come out Long Ago, especially if they think they’re really republican and conservative, they were Silent then and had No Problem with two occupations Off The Books and on the Credit Card, as well as not asking where the Private Capital was that supposedly was to trickle down as more and more went to the top!!

    • I think that’s revisionist history. The “tea party” movement is based upon smaller government and less spending. During the Bush years there was plenty of criticism from the right. They lost Congress in 2006 (that’s when deficits exploded) and the White House in 2008 largely because of big government and excess spending. So there’s that.

      Obama often says he inherited a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit, it’s a lie. For one thing he includes all of the TARP money. Bush spent only half and Obama the other half. Obama voted for the bill as a Senator. Also 500 billion has been paid back but Obama still counts it as he rails against Bush’s deficit while simultaneously taking credit for TARP saving the economy. Which is it?

      Obama has spent more in his first year that all previous Presidents combined. We set a new record in Feb. for the largest monthly deficit in history. Obama has quadrupled Bush’s spending. That’s where the tea party came from.

      • “They lost Congress in 2006 (that’s when deficits exploded) ”

        Revisionist history yourself – Putting the Iraq war off budget (until now!) and giving the rich a huge tax break (how’s that working out?) is what caused the deficit to be where it is now. I know you truly want to believe it’s the D’s fault, but you should grow up and take responsibility for what your party did.

        You live in your own world don’t you? C’mon back to the facts and I’ll take you seriously.

      • That’s a good one about living in my own world and coming back to the facts! Thanks for the belly laugh. Unfortunately numbers are numbers.

        The tax cuts worked. More revenue was brought in. Record revenues. We weathered 9/11, the huge scandals at Enron (and others) and the recession that Clinton left was shallow. BTW, I know there was a surplus. We still had two consecutive quarters of shrinking GDP. Check the GAO. Pesky numbers. The tax cuts had nothing to do with the deficit. The problem the near collapse of the banking industry and big spending by Republicans. They paid the price and now Obama is quadrupling down.

      • Burr was up there on the Hill throwing away my tax dollars, eh? Hmmm, now i’m going to vote the BURRum out!

  2. In my personal experience have never seen a higher level of anger and threats of violence. I hear calls for civil war from friends as well as from the media.

    • Are you talking about the 65 year old health care protester that had his finger bitten off by a MoveOn health care supporter? Or are you talking about the left-wing extremist that flew his plane into the IRS building in Austin?

      • You must have missed all the Hitler signs and gun-toting extreamist that the TP represent. Oh, that’s right, Faux News thinks they’re heroes, so you must think that also.

      • Do you mean these or these?

        I didn’t see a lot of Obama Hitler comparisons although there were many references to socialism. There was this one that was much touted until the found out it was a Democrat’s sign.

        Finally, I always like to point out when the hideous insults are thrown around like your crack about “Faux News”. That’s cool, I expect that here…every time.

      • 65 and not happy w/ the quality of their Medicare Advantage no doubt! Better than a right wing radical abortion clinic bomber, eh? nah nahh,nahh i’m gonna get on a bus and ride across the U.S. and protest health care reform. but first i want to know who paid for the bus and do they carry accident insurance

  3. extremist (too fast on the keyboard)

    • name calling is the first sign of a losing dead man’s hand

  4. James, Ted and Gregg got mighty worked up over those camellias. I think Mike should interview Hugh McColl 5 times a week and forget those controversial subjects like food, plants, plays and language. Business interest is EVERYTHING at WFAE. In fact, Jack Martin said last night at dinner that his new working definition of fascism is: corporate business operated at the greatest possible efficiency without regard to anything else. It was so funny how Anthony Foxx had to have Huge Banker McColl as chaperone to go up Washington to ast da Big Obama for some Charlotte money. I’m starting the Commellia Party: I don’t yet know what it stands for but it smells good and looks pretty: That’s a welcome change for people who blame the Gubment when Bidness pinches their butt, who think less Gubment means less monkey Bidness, and who can’t admit that all Bidness above a certain size is fascism.

    PS-Gregg Smith claims Duke Energy wants to give him a dam. Now that’s what I’d call a strong motivation for seeing no corporate evil. Maybe instead of receiving a dam he should give a damn about the rest of us.

    • Mr. Howard,

      The first half of the show was about Camellias, the second half was about the tea party. Did you have a rebuttal to my points?

      • u mean start a communist party — sweet… . it’s all about who has the biggest pile of money or bling when they die — after all was Ayn Rand happy, no… ? and if they don’t die they will have to suffer through Amageddon and then go across the river Styxx… . where, i doubt they even have Roses, but probably some Poisen Ivy for bondage no doubt! The truth is that there is more to life than politics and greed. in the end when you sell your soul u can never find happiness and then everyone will see that u are ill & bitter… .

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