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Politicians often debate the definition of family values and what makes up the traditional American family, but foster parents all over the region create family units with great diversity. Foster parents take in troubled kids, disabled kids and kids with tragic pasts in ages ranging from toddlers to teenagers. Our panel of experts works at the heart of the foster parenting system and they will share the challenges and the joys of foster parenting.
Nettie Lynch
– Spokeswoman, Alexander Youth Network
Charles Bradley – Senior Social Services Director, Meck. Co. Dept. of Social Services
Susan Taylor-Richards – Foster Parent and head of MCFPA

  • Contact DSS about Foster Parenting at (704) 336-5437

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  1. As the District Administrator of Guardian ad Litem, I want to urge listeners to really understand the need for good foster homes. The Guardian ad Litem Program advocates for children in DSS custody and what is in the child’s best interest. It is crucial to have a strong loving foster home that will support the child and ensure their needs are met. Especially adolescent foster children. We struggle with placements for teens, especially when they have behavior problems.

  2. Hello,

    My wife and I have been thinking about becoming foster parents for a few years now. We do have children (9 and 10 years old) and are concerned about the impact on them if we were to become foster parents.

  3. What percentage of foster children in Charlotte are returned to their biological parent(s)?

    After returning to their biological families, are children ever removed again? At this point do they become adoptable?

  4. My husband and I have been therapeutic foster parents for over 25 years having teens in our home. I think a good number of children is 4, one depends too much on the foster parent for company, with two one can control if we go on an outing or not, because we can’t just take one and leave the other home, with 3, it is always 2 against 1, so with four, they can pair up not always the same pairs. Besides, we need many more foster homes with level 3 homes closing. A home doesn’t have to take 4 if they don’t want. I think the number should be reevaluated.

  5. Nothing has been said in the conversation today about the part the state plays in education in NC. Specifically on the issue of late hiring in school systems. Many decisions are made on the state level about teachers and funding for the school year in LATE SUMMER. Much hiring goes on AFTER the first ten days of school when enrollment is considered to be firmed up. Sometimes teachers are even lost at this time if enrollment is down. This does not lead to hiring of the best reachers.

  6. As a fellow foster parent, this was a fantastic overview of the foster care process. We all need to do better to help these children.

    Please visit the support group website if you have any questions, or interest in becoming a foster parent. Visit and email us in the Contact Us section.

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