Friday March 5, 2010 | CSI Insects & Rain Gardening

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Part One: CSI Insects
We’ll meet a scientist who uses his expertise in forensic entomology to help solve crimes. Dr. Lee Goff is an early pioneer in the field of forensic entomology, where he uses the details of a bug’s life to solve murders and other crimes. He’s a consultant to the FBI, other law enforcement agencies and also to the CSI television shows where work like his is portrayed. We’ll talk about how insects can solve mysteries and crimes.
Dr. Lee Goff
– Forensic Entomologist

  • CSI: Crime Scene Insects is at Discovery Place through April 30th. More info.

Part Two: Rain Gardening in the South
Pollution comes in many forms, and one of those can be gardens. Water-wise gardeners who want to be conscious of both excess use of water and water run-off (which causes pollution) will be happy to know that there’s a way to be good to the environment and have a pretty garden – rain gardening. We’ll meet NCSU horticulturalist and author Anne Spafford who will explain how rain gardens work in dry spells and rainy seasons, which makes them perfect for our climate here in the Charlotte Region.
Anne Spafford
– Co-Author, Rain Gardening in the South

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  1. Love the raingarden ideas and incorp into my landscaping. But will Charlotte increase its water and sewer fees as conservation increases due to lower revenue again?

  2. I don’t think Charlotte Talks should be obligated to promote CSI shows. This type of media fantasy amounts to “police worship.” People in these shows don’t look like the slouchy and fat detectives I know, the women autopsy coroners with dead hair and crazy make-up. Even “Dragnet”
    portrayed the actualities better in the 50s.

    It made me depressed when Mike said if he died in the Spirit Square studio on Friday morning that no one would find him until Monday, including most of the flies and bacteria. Try dying on a three day weekend Mike. Better yet let one of your moldy banking community guests die at Spirit Square just before it is demolished for Panthers parking.

    The rain-garden segment made me remember how the studio lot where I worked as a kid had rain barrels. I remember when Kurt Russell(5 years my elder, playing Jaimie McPheeters) convinced me there were fish in one and had me sitting holding a dowel with a string and safety pin for several hours. Even then rain water was valuable. I am contracting this spring for an in ground cistern at the new home I’m building near Stanley, NC. I plan to grow asparagus and rhubarb along with other food perennials.

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