Thursday March 4, 2010 | Jon Meacham

March 3, 2010 at 11:38 am | Posted in Coming Up | 6 Comments

We’ll meet Jon Meacham, Editor of Newsweek magazine. We’ll talk about the media, politics, bias, and about how the magazine publishing business is changing, all in advance of Mr. Meacham’s lecture on the camus of Queens University of Charlotte, “The Media’s Secret Bias: Liberals, Conservatives and the Truth About News.” Meacham has also authored several biographies, his latest, American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White Housewon the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for biography.
Jon Meacham
– Editor of Newsweek magazine and Author of several biographies

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  1. Jon Meacham is one of my heroes, but I have to disagree about people not taking Fox News seriously. I live out here in the world and in an place of reactionary conservatives who take every word said on Fox news as gospel. It drives me crazy. They also call Newsweek, which I have read every week since the 1950’s, a radical liberal publication.
    They really believe that. Since I moved to this area(Hickory), I have been astounded by their gullibility.

  2. I think today’s guest is woefully out of touch with the “average” American. I know of way too many people who take Fox news at face value. They are generally are under educated and biased. He is overestimating the average intelligence of our citizens. Our education system is failing our country.

    • Awesome guest, interesting conversation. However, had to comment as this morning before I knew Meacham would be on, I just canceled my subscription to Newsweek that my mother had gotten me for Christmas.

      The reason I canceled was that I felt I was getting a left-wing slant being presented as unbiased. I consider myself to the left of center on most issues, so it wasn’t a matter of my disagreeing with the slant. I do love the Newsweek sister site Slate, however Slate makes no claims to be neutral.

      With Newsweek I didn’t feel like I was getting the news, rather I felt as though Newsweek were telling me what to think about the news. I can get that for free on the web or cable tv. And although I agreed with much of the editorial content in Newsweek, it seemed to seep into stories that it didn’t belong, and thus, I felt as though I wasn’t getting a true picture of world.

      As intelligent as Meacham so obviously is, and as interesting as this show was, if I decide to go with news weekly anytime in the future, it won’t be Newsweek.

  3. I am shocked, actually at who does listen to Fox and repeat it for gospel truth.

    And speaking of gospel, Meacham’s closing remarks regarding church and state were my absolute favorites. His Jesus quote is just what I needed (and should have thought of) for my work-in-progress regarding conscientious objectors.

    So thanks, for feeding my writing life as well as making me think.

  4. Wow, the elitism drips from these comments. People who watch Fox show “gullibility”. They are “under educated” and “biased”. They “repeat it for gospel truth”. Whatever “it” is.

    Newsweek is failing. Fox is thriving. It’s a shallow view to say the reason is because the vast majority of Americans are brainwashed idiots. It’s an easy charge for an elitist to make.

  5. With the rise of the internet and other ‘alternative’ forms of media, news-magazines such as “Newsweek” are on their way out — hence their precipitous drop in circulation. The only thing keeping them afloat is government subsidies via mass-subscriptions to them by public libraries, public universities, etc.

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