Tuesday March 2, 2010 | Oscars

March 1, 2010 at 12:26 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

The Oscar Awards are right around the corner so we’ve invited Charlotte’s film critics back to talk about the year in movies. An unprecedented 10 films have been nominated for Best Picture. We’ll take a look at the best films of the year as well as standout performances, surprise contenders and other Oscar buzz. The lights come up on our annual Academy Awards Show, when Charlotte Talks.
Matt Brunson
– Film Critic, Entertainment Editor, Creative Loafing
Sean O’Connell – Film Critic, East Coast Bureau Chief, FilmCritic.com

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  1. What reporting have the guests done to conjure up their conclusions? Have they spoken to Academy members? Have they been lobbied personally by Harvey Weinstein?

    What does this kind of discussion, in which members of the press offer up their distant observations about the behavior and thinking of others without actual reporting, remind you of?

    • Rick,

      You’re right. These pernicious prognosticators are borderline deportable. If there’s anything worse than a movie critic, it’s an opinionated movie critic.

      • Nothing wrong with expressing one’s opinion about the movies. We’re all critics. But when critics, and you and me for that matter, talk about who’s going to win, where the momentum is, what Harvey Weinstein is doing on behalf of INGLORIOUS BASTERDS, etc, etc, etc, what are they and we doing but relaying media reports? If they’re getting their info from DeadlineHollywood.com, Variety, etc, then say so. Cite your sources. Instead the local critics are offered as experts and asked to offer their assessments as if they’d done actual reporting when I doubt they’ve done any. (Disclosure: I didn’t listen to the whole show)

        Perhaps my standards are too high, but I don’t think Hollywood reporting should get a pass.

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