Thursday February 25, 2010 | WFAE News Roundup

February 24, 2010 at 10:38 am | Posted in Coming Up | 4 Comments

It’s time for the monthly news roundup with the news staff from WFAE. U.S. Representative Sue Myrick has waged her own battle against Islamic extremism and she holds a town hall meeting with the Muslim community tonight. We’ll learn more about that issue and we’ll also look at what happened to the proposal to build affordable housing in the Ballantyne community. Other stories include a look at the impact of the federal stimulus plan in our region a year after its inception, a CMPD update and a new census aimed at identifying Charlotte’s chronic homeless. Join us for a look at those stories and more.
Greg Collard
– News Director, WFAE
Lisa Miller – Staff Reporter, WFAE
Julie Rose – Staff Reporter, WFAE

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  1. Please stop mentioning Muslim Mafia, it’s published by World Net Daily, which is a right-wing fringe “news” site.

  2. The only way to get affordable housing into affluent areas is to use vouchers so that low income people can rent wherever they wish. I believe Chicago has had a lot of success with this type of program. That way there is no one place that lower income people are concentrated and neighbors are not aware that people are getting assistance.

  3. I think we need to be concerned about radicals on each side of the spectrum. Any thinking person knows how difficult it is to amend the constitution, much less replace it completely. So for Sue Myrick to say the radicals are trying to take over makes her look like a nut. There are many radical groups who would like to replace the constitution with their religious beliefs. A much larger group than radical Muslims is the radical religious right. A larger majority of right wing Christians would love to replace the constitution with what they believe to be biblical principles–outlaw abortion, alcohol, divorce, homosexuality, increase the death penalty for a greater number of crimes, etc. (All things that are, ironically, probably actually aligned with fundamentalist Muslim beliefs). But most Christians and Muslims and even non-religious Americans stand somewhere in the middle and would never let the radicals take over.

  4. 1.Keep punching that tarbaby Congresswoman Myrick.
    2.There are probably enough residences already. It’s just that prices remain inflated as compared to working poor income. Here in Gaston County I drive by hundreds of little houses that have spoiled due to vacancy. Our workforce spoils like asparagus right along with them.
    3.Giving taxbreaks to the better off, and doling out project money to bigtime contractors will not solve the employment problem. Untamed market forces accentuated by such programs will only broaden the wealth and income gap. “Makework” programs repairing the infrastructure and meeting human needs actually do more for society than capitalist patronage. Obama’s nuclear subsidy is an insult to every worker struggling to make ends meet and facing higher utility bills. It would be better to put a solar panel on every home.

    P>S> Julie is the greatest.

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