Wednesday February 24, 2010 | Hugh McColl

February 23, 2010 at 9:39 am | Posted in Coming Up | 6 Comments

Banking icon Hugh McColl Jr. joins us today. Mr. McColl is the chief architect responsible for the rise of banking in our region. He almost single-handedly molded a series of large regional banks into the national institution that has become Bank of America. Mr. McColl retired from the bank some years ago but remains active in our city. He has founded several financial institutions, continued his philanthropic works and helped build the cultural community in Charlotte. Mr. McColl joins us to talk about his life, his work, his love of art and what’s next.
Hugh McColl
– Founder and Chairman, Falfurrias Capital Partners

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  1. For the first time in a long time I can’t disagree with anything your guest has to say. Does that make me as smart as him?

  2. McColl is, to be kind, disingenuous; to be truthful, he’s devious. Cuomo doesn’t sue people frivolously. McColl has destroyed BofA’s reputation among customers for a generation. Employees I know are embarrassed at his insane “generosity” with bonuses. You ask him why he doesn’t help the little people? Why should he care? The bank has made him rich.

  3. I’d really like to hear Mr. McColl’s take on the recent Supreme Court decision loosening the constraints on corporations to spend money on political campaigns. I know they still can’t contribute to individual campaigns, but should corporations be treated as ‘persons’ in the political context?

  4. Mike–I do beg your pardon. I tuned into today’s show midway and wan’t sure whom you were interviewing–I thought Ken Lewis. But I goofed by saying “McColl” (who WAS your subject) when I meant LEWIS had ruined the bank’s reputation inside and out. I owe McColl an apology. (I have many accounts with the bank incl. my financial advisor, now formally a Merrill Lynch associate.) No wonder Mr Mccoll sounded a bit flustered by the question. He was the paradigm of integrity, at least compared to Lewis. Have you ever had Lewis on?

    • Thank you Darryl. We’ll send your comment on to McColl. Ken Lewis has not been on our show. – Erin Sutton, Production Assistant

  5. We can see by his underwriting of Bojangles how concerned McColl is about human health and diet. He takes the same “root hog or die” stance when it comes to finance, even art.(It ain’t worth nothing ’til a rich guy has owned it.) As far as energy “smart grid” is a strategy of surplus extraction from ratepayers. McColl not only poisons everything he touches but is drawn to poisonous enterprise. For him “Too Big To Fail” (or to be accountable) is the goal, and such is gluttonous fascism. All big NC bankers are factory hog farmers at heart.

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