Monday February 8, 2010 | Richard Dawkins (Rebroadcast)

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Richard Dawkins is no stranger to controversy. His international bestseller, The God Delusion, sparked heated debate about the nature of man and religion. His follow-up novel, The Greatest Show on Earth, is his defense of science and evolution. At the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species, we revisit our conversation with Richard Dawkins on evolution, religion and public discourse on God.

Richard Dawkins
– Evolutionary Biologist and Author
Since this is an encore presentation, we won’t be able to include your comments.
Originally Aired: 10/15/2009

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  1. This ha been the most awesome presentation. Dr. Dawkins presents evolution in such a glorious sweep, it makes it easier for me to explain to fellow Christians why I do not find it inconsistent with the Bible. It’s all over the Bible!

    Dr. Dawkins says that we may have become the first species to direct its own evolution. That makes us unique, a separate Creation apart from all others, and an end result of evolution. On top of that, we already direct the evolution of all species, even when unintended. Evolving religion helped get us there. It does still help people, so it is not a mere vestigial organ.

    I believe CHristianity because of personal experiences, and could not expect anyone to believe the same as myself lacking such experiences. I find evolution only reinforces the faith that’s based on my experience.

    I would like to know if Dr. Dawkins thinks my beliefs are acceptable?

    Peter John

    • Interesting that you still seem to have to find a way to justify why humans are “special”…. superior. Why not just accept the world as it is, and not fixate on homo sapiens being a species apart from all others? A large number of humans seem to have a deep seated need – arrogance? Huge insecurity? Guilt? – to define themselves as the masters of the planet. That’s a thought pattern leading the species to ignore science and rationalize all sorts of destructive behaviors, cruelty and actions that will eventually undermine the species’ very ability to survive.
      The population of this most destructive of species – hoomo sapiens – must be curbed or it’s future is down the well without a rope. Reproduction must be accepted with its full range of implications.

  2. Did I say from any of my own emotional needs or otherwise that humans are special? I believe Dr. Dawkins said that.

    Dr. Dawkins stated in his interview that humans may have evolved to a point where they can control their own evolution. If that is something humans do that no other species does it seems a reasonable and scientifically based conclusion that humans are special.

    “The population of this most destructive of species – hoomo sapiens – must be curbed or it’s future is down the well without a rope. Reproduction must be accepted with its full range of implications.”

    Your statement assumes facts not in evidencee, and ignores facts attested to by history. First, what makes homo sapiens “destructive?” We do nothing that is not in our nature, and our nature has been to reshape the face of the planet. What makes that any more inherently “destructive” than a volcano, or a tidal wave. Do we criticize these things for doing what nature intended them to do?

    Second, we tend to measure our progress as a species by how we treat each other. The course of history shows that the greater our population has become, the more humanistic our collective values have become. This seems contrary to the assumption that human population is the greatest threat the planet faces, or even the greatest threat that humanity faces.

    If you consider that homo sapiens are so terrible, what does that reveal about how you perceive yourself? As you have obviously decided that the human race is not so destitute as to resign yourself from it, which human beings would you consider worthy of elimination instead?

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