Monday Feburary 1, 2010 | A Charlotte Doctor in Haiti » Dr. William Conner in Haiti

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1/21/10 Dr. William Conner a Matthews Family Physician is met by his wife Natalie Conner at Charlotte Douglas International Airport Thursday night at 11:45 PM after Dr. Conner returned home after his trip to help the injured from the earthquake in Haiti. ROBERT

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  1. I met Mr. Dr. William Conner 1995 in New York on a wedding. 1996 visited him in Ashley / North Carolina.
    At this time – I think – he thought I am a tipicle German and he asked me, if I can work and live in Africa. He was before in a projcect of the Albert-Schweitzer-Hospital in Garbon/Libraville. The only thing he had to know is: i was married 2 times – one man was from Kamerun /Yaounde and one from Sierra Leone Freetown. I was helping in many projects, and for me it is important that he know it, because I think he has a very wrong picture about my person – i will not tell him that I´m not crazy:-) I really like to hear from him. Best wishes, Sandra Berlin 04.04.2012

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