Wednesday January 27, 2010 | Wired for War

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We’ll explore new trends in war and what ethics and laws apply to engaging unmanned weapons. We’ll talk to author and US defense expert Peter W. Singer about the future of war and the US defense system and about current US defense needs and priorities. These topics are outlined in his book Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century.
Peter W. Singer
– US defense expert, Brookings Institution and Author, Wired for War

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Charlotte Talks and north_carolinaBNN, WAC of Charlotte. WAC of Charlotte said: RT @CharlotteTalks: Wired for War. War technologies like unmanned drones with the author of "Wired for War," Wednesday. […]

  2. I know a drone went down a couple of days ago. There must be concern over the downed drones. Please elaborate on those concerns.

  3. Early in the Iraq war, bombs that were triggered by cell phones came into wide use by insurgents. Why didn’t the military use a robotic app to dial up all of the cell phones in Iraq each morning at 9 AM? I would imagine that there would have been fewer bomb factories after a couple of rounds of this.

  4. Mike
    Today’s guest is spreading military-industrial propaganda unchallenged.
    How sad.

  5. I appreciate Nurse Bob’s concerns that Peter is a “tech rep” (promoter or salesperson). We now live in an environment where the corporate entity is being used to aggregate economic and political power and negate democracy. If Peter Singer had not written and toured someone else would have been recruited by the covert powers-that-be to do the job. He condemned (rightly) academics who use military grants and then deny they are advancing war technology, but does not realize that by not being forceful and adamant against impersonal automated combat he shares their status.
    “We could stop this,” says Peter, “But first we’d have to stop science, war and capitalism.” Yep, you heard him right. And you also heard in the timbre of his voice that war and capitalism are sacred realms for him, at least as much as science. (His definition of science would be critical in this instance.)

    The thing that’s wrong with Peter is the same thing that’s wrong with parents trying to send their kids to Myers Park High School. They are fixated upon in-group status as the only means and variety of American success. (Collusive Hyper-individualism= wolfpack) The community is an organism as is the planet but these sacrifice it for short term and personal (clique) gain. The game is collusion and exclusion. No matter that the pimply-faced dropout is the best drone murderer today. They will bloody that idiot’s hands so they can build oil pipelines and imprison slave labor. Responsibility becomes an anachronism with Abu Graib or Blackwater. That’s the same corporatism that exerts structural violence upon us in our daily office jobs.

    Peter Singer is a devote’ of science fiction, a philosophical lightweight incapable of considering alternatives to our economic trajectory. (He resembles the mental and emotional mediocrity shown recently by Bill Gates. Gates advocates more educational debt in a jobless future, with no means remaining of sustenance besides computing.) It showed so well when he stated that the Predator, hovering above a village for more than 24 hours, resembles in operation and purpose community policing. The analogy suggests that police, no matter how friendly and interactive, are assassins in the service of a community and corporate elite. (Maybe this is science fiction Marxism, but I doubt he possesses that level of insight.) His sports analogies likening mass murder to football or baseball were also agonizing. When I consider that this insensitive and elitist business type is advising the United Nations on just war policy I shudder and fume.

    I don’t know whether wealth and collusion are more responsible than corporate and covert government recruiting of “tools” for this situation, but both surely undermine common sense and meritocracy. If video game-playing (sometimes lethal) becomes the highest aspiration of the masses humanity might as well go extinct. If I consider myself a lifesaver I will avoid partnering with an anvil like Peter Singer. (I may read his book for critique, but I will never buy it. I don’t want to be a drone.)

  6. Spencer: It’s a Spy vs Spy world these days (Mad Magazine). Calling ALL cell phones may have killed as many friends as foes, even early in the Iraqi occupation. Take a closer look at the methods of DARPA and the DIA, and you’ll marvel at the sad ironies.

    Never forget: 9/11 itself was a friendly-engineered false-flagged event, but it made corporatocracy more viable. Welcome to the New Oligarchic Global Corporate Century.

    Imagine drones over Myers Park neutralizing (cop, judge, jury & executioner) those appearing suspicious, the homeless and the under-teched. Charlotte on steroids!

  7. Peggy: That crippled bird landed in my yard. I fixed it, fed it some gas and showed it a picture of Robert Gates. It took off this morning, so we’ll see what happens. I love helping the birds.

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