Wednesday January 13, 2010 | “Imagia” & “The Aluminum Show”

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Part One: Imagia and the Magic Pearls
Last year, Disney got a lot of attention when it released the first ‘black princess movie,’ The Princess and the Frog. But here in Charlotte, a local children’s author released the very first princess book featuring a black princess. It’s called Imagia and the Magic Pearls. We’ll talk to the author, Monroe Tarver about his book.
Monroe Tarver
– Author of Imagia and the Magic Pearls

Part Two: The Aluminum Show
The Aluminum Show arrives this week for a lengthy run in the Queen City at the new Knight Theater. The show, originally created in Isreal, has been described as a cross between Stomp, The Blue Man Group and Cirque de Soleil. We’ll talk with an executive who is working to raise awareness about the show and one of the cast members.
Orin Wolf
– President and CEO of Off Broadway Booking
Inbal Gilad – Troop Manager, The Aluminum Show

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  1. Can you repeat the information on the 5 can goods = 1 ticket to the show, please…?

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