Tuesday January 12, 2010 | Iran’s Nuclear Ambition

January 11, 2010 at 9:53 am | Posted in Coming Up | 11 Comments

Dr. Ephraim Sneh, Former Israeli Deputy Minister of Defense, has come to Charlotte for a series of conversations about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Dr. Sneh is one of the most influential voices on Israeli defense strategy under both his work as general in the Israeli Defense Forces and a leader in the Knesset. Dr. Sneh will discuss the existential dangers posed by states like Iran, and the strategic value of peaceful co-existence with the Palestinians. Join us for an insider’s view on critical foreign affair topics.
Dr. Ephraim Sneh
– Former Israeli Deputy Minister of Defense

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  1. Please ask about Israel’s ‘hidden’ nuclear program, broken international agreements and what it has meant for the region as well. Please bring up case of nuclear whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu, who although having finished his sentence and released from prison, remains under virtual house arrest w/strict restrictions on where he can go and who he can talk to or what he can say. He is currently being charged for talking to foreigners. He has repeatedly stated he no longer has any pertinent info to reveal and has had opportunity to do so if he had wanted to. Amnesty International feels this is nothing more than punitive measures and has been working on Vanunu’s behalf for years.

    It would also be ingenuous to have a former Israeli Deputy Defense Minister on your show and not ask about the domestic investigations that are suppose to be taking place on charges of war crimes during Gaza offensive last winter. Both Hamas and Israel have the deadline of Feb. 2nd for conducting credible investigations in line with international standards of transparency and independence. Don’t let him side-step you by saying investigations are taking place there – they are not up to int’l standards at all and are not considered credible, transparent, independent or complete by NGO’s and other int’l legal bodies.

    http://www.amnesty.org/en/news-and-updates/victims-gaza-and-southern-israel-conflict-still-await-justice-20091227… See More

    Also, since agenda is ‘peaceful co-existence with Palestinians’, please ask him about the almost 3 year old ‘collective punishment’ of 1.5 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. He may say it is against Hamas, but medical supplies, educational materials, a wide variety of food items being kept out – how is this defensive or aimed at Hamas?

    The majority of medical patients cannot exit and many are dying including babies who require heart surgery. Students with standing scholarships overseas cannot exit the strip to even go to visa interviews in J’lem. How are these measures aimed at Hamas or lead to ‘peaceful co-existence’ in the future?

    Anyway, these are just a scant few of the pressing issues that should be addressed. Thank you.

  2. I wish people would just think fairly, if you have something that may cause me and my family harm, for certain I will try to find a way to protect myself from danger. although you say it is just a precaution, now I do not know what action will cause you to attack, but I personally do not wish to be your “sitting duck”
    I beleive this is the view of the Iranian government. For many years America has not had any great love for certain middle easterners, so it is amazing how everyone is acting because of the nuclear issue. Why are we in everyone’s business, those people are not demanding anything from us and we have used a bomb in the past, thus our record is clear we will attack you.

  3. please give me a break, in this world so many horrific events have taken place against a group. If people only have rocks or sticks to protect theirselves that is what they will do. (thus Slavery, Holocaust, prejudice, etc.) I have been to Iran many times the citizens are without weapons in their homes other than a knife, no guns under the car seat, in the closet. However they do want to live their lives peacefully just like us. It appears to me that the big children(government) still have issues with sharing and who is going to be first.
    So they try and separate the people and cause confusion and panic.
    If you join my side we can “beat them up” and win, what is the prize here?

    • people are in favor of progress, it’s changes they do not like.
      Iran is a very old and historic country. Why do we have to belittle
      others all the time. It is no hatred, if every one just took care of the
      their home and people things would be better. If you try to cheat me
      and I realize it then my trust in you has been altered, just like any
      other relationship if you do me wrong we will not be able to talk for
      a long time.
      The president of Iran is just like others I’ve seen in the news,
      he says things that hurt just like ‘folks’ here on the radio or on the
      television and sometimes in print, so now we are trying to control
      what others say especially when we are not glorified. people please
      open your eyes and do not be taken in by these stories against Iran
      this is just a bunch a mess, maybe the oil is to high for America, the
      people selling want money instead of “glass beads”.
      Yes they(Iranian people) practice a different religion but they
      all believe in God and want to be dealt with fairly, we think they
      are stupid people but they are not. they do have a strong feel for
      religion and that is a good thing, we should all believe that we do
      not own this world and we are only here for a short time, sure war
      and hate exist but let’s not make it all we know!

  4. Your guest’s arrogance is nearly offensive. The idea that Israel can flout international nuclear treaties with their ridiculous policy of “ambiguity”, then insist that others in the region should not be allowed nuclear weapons, is frankly Sarah Palin-level crazy. I agree that Iran should not have nuclear weapons, but Israel’s apparent position (however “ambiguous”) that deserve WMD’s and others do not is no way to start disarmament talks.

  5. Mike: Get real. Your guest is about as one-sided as is possible. You are giving him a soap box to bash everyone as though Israel is right and everyone else is wrong, and leading him on with your questions. I agree with prior comment that he is extremely offensive. Perhaps something more balanced, or at least ask him some questions where he doesn’t just make an easy dodge?

  6. True, if Israel feels uncomfortable about Iran, everything has two sides, Iran probably feels the same way.

  7. did israel really stop settlements? I thought they still allowed settlements based on natural or organic growth which seems to be a large loophole

  8. Larry, of course Israel did not stop settlements. Even the “outposts”, which even the Israeli courts say are illegal, continue largely unabated. And you are correct “natural and organic growth” is a loophole you could drive an uparmored Caterpillar D9 bulldozer through. Among many good sources of information is btselem.org, which is an ISRAELI human rights organization.

    Mike’s obsequiousness was embarrassing, at least the first 20 minutes of the show which is all that I could bear to listen to.

    Yes, there are two sides to every story. However, Mike instead aired unchallenged propaganda. And tomorrow he will showcase the Israeli arts. I wonder if he will mention the growing academic and cultural boycotts of Israel? BRICUP, PACBI, USACBI ….. and the reasons for them.

  9. Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons and gets billions of dollars per year in military funding from the USA and other nations.

    How hypocritical of them to call for Iran to stop the development of nuclear energy when Israel itself possesses one of the largest nuclear arsenals in the entire world. A case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  10. Excellent show! I really do sympathize with the folks at “Charlotte Talks”. I believe they try to be fair. IMHO most of the programs that deal with politics are decidedly tilted left. I’ve made that case before. What choice do they have with listeners like the ones commenting here?

    The prevailing wisdom seems to be there is no truth, just a continuum of perspective. This enables elitist to look down their collective noses and tacitly condone true evil.

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