Wednesday December 2, 2009 | Steve Roberts

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We’ll talk with journalist, educator and author Steve Roberts. You may know Steve as a frequent guest host of The Diane Rehm Show on NPR, but Steve Roberts is also a teacher, a columnist (with his wife, Cokie), and has recently published his third book. We’ll talk to Steve about his new book From Every End of This Earth, the unique stories of thirteen immigrant families in the United States.
Steven V. Roberts
– Journalist, author and Guest Host of “The Diane Rehm Show”

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Charlotte Talks, Charlotte Talks. Charlotte Talks said: Steve Roberts. Journalist & guest host of the Diane Rehm show talks about his book From Every End of this Earth. Wednesday […]

  2. I can’t stand the term illegal “alien(s)” That should be changed.

    Do you think part of the anger toward immigrants is that a lot of white people are afraid of being the minority race in 30-40 years? I wonder how a Lou Dobbs will feel about affirmative action then.

    Do you and the other hosts get paid when filling in for Diane, or is it good publicity?

  3. My father grew up in the 1920s in Detroit and used to call Belgian immigrants “Buffalos”! It seems laughable now.
    But I think there is a profound difference with regards to the Spanish speaking immigration trends. It is happening in such large numbers that the melting pot is being overwhelmed. Witness this by looking at the dual language signs at Lowes and The Home Depot. This is new to American history. I believe we should have very large number of immigrants as our current population ages but there needs to be more diversity.

  4. Mike,

    How about the americans that abuse immigrants

    When I came to this country I work in a restaurant kitchen. That kitchen needed 5 employees and when they realized I can do 3 of the positions at once, they made me do the 3 jobs for the salary of one.
    But still I got to graduate from college, because I wanted to get out of the abuse. Now I teach americans to invest in their 401(k) so they can retire, so I have impacted more than 15,000 workers.

    In the Construction industry hispanic worked for less lowering the cost of housing, so americans bought houses for less or the developer made the extra money to spended in the american economy, but still uninformed americans think foreign are the villans

    Nothing happens to the abusers because the fear and ignorance of ilegal immigrants


  5. It takes many more years for Mexican Immigrants to get approved for a visa, compared to any other country. That contributes to coming here illegaly like my parents did in 1967.

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