Wednesday November 25, 2009 | Thomas Rain Crowe

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Author and North Carolina native Thomas Rain Crowe has lived in, and written about, the Blue Ridge Mountains for much of his career. His concern for the preservation of the mountains and mountain life led him to live alone in a remote cabin for 4 years. He wrote about that experience in a memoir called Zoro’s Field. His latest book, The End of Eden, tracks Mr. Crowe’s life as a writer and environmental activist. Thomas Rain Crowe joins us to talk about his writing style, his love for western North Carolina and his hopes to save our mountains.
Thomas Rain Crowe
– Author and Environmental Activist

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  1. I read Zoro’s Field and it’s one of my favorite books.
    I look forward to hearing this show on Wed. and reading his new book.

  2. Wanted to let Mr. Crowe know that there are a lot of kindred spirits on Facebook, and wondered if he was using the new social networking technology. It has become a lot easier to live like Thoreau and still be connected with the entire world of human beings as well.

    A kindred spirit

  3. I am a devotee of Hafiz spirit and his poems. I read poems from your translation
    of Drunk on theWine of the Beloved before meditation each day.

    I will be visiting my nieces in Asheville from 9/7/2011 until the 13th. Fran is a documentary film maker, On Coal River, was recently released and Amy owns a restaurant in Asheville, Limones. on River street off Main/

    Any chance we could meet to discuss Hafiz or is their a poetry event in the area
    while I am there?

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