Wednesday November 18, 2009 | World Trade and Globalization

November 17, 2009 at 11:48 am | Posted in Coming Up | 5 Comments

We’ll talk about globalization and its effect on the American economy with Daniel Griswold from the Cato Institute. Griswold believes that globalization is misunderstood and is wrongly blamed for many of the economic woes our country is experiencing. We’ll talk about the politics, myths and reality of trade and globalization.
Daniel Griswold
– Director, Center for Trade Policy Studies at the Cato Institute, Author of Mad Trade: Why Main Street America Should Embrace Globalization

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Charlotte Talks and Charlotte Talks, WAC of Charlotte. WAC of Charlotte said: On @CharlotteTalks now – Daniel Griswold who says politics aside, globalization should be embraced. #WACCspk […]

  2. To address the point that was just made about whether or not the origin of consumer products was a choice Americans make, it absolutely is!

    I can go to the Gap and see two identical shirts. One made in America, and one made in Taiwan or Vietnam or Mexico. Because of labor costs, the American shirt costs $50, and the import costs $10. The shirts are identical, which one do you think sells out first? Which one do you think Gap will continue to stock?

    Consumers make that choice every day, for all kinds of products. It is a conscious choice, and anyone who says they would buy all American made products if they could is simply not being honest with themselves. The hit to their standard of living would be HUGE.

  3. Your guest is a Libertarian and Libertarians tend to focus exclusively on freedoms. They do not say much about responsibilities. With regard to globalization, your guest keeps affirming that Americans have benefited from globalization but he hasn’t said anything about what that benefit entails. Imported goods are cheaper since living wages in other countries are lower, since there is very little government regulation of industry and since industries do not give their employees healthcare, pensions, etc.

    My point is that you can champion globalization, but you should be realistic about what benefiting from the consumption of cheap imported goods REALLY entails.

    Again, Libertarians don’t have a good track record when it comes to being realistic about our moral obligations to other people…but I suggest that your guest be realistic about the moral obligations that globalization generates. Not just the financial benefits!

  4. Griswold’s load of poop!

    Nations that are great produce goods to sell to other nations.
    Of course people who sit in ivory towers like Cato don’t see—or don’t care about– the damage on the ground when jobs go overseas so his friends in corporate america’s boardrooms can pocket the difference between the cost of making goods in the US vs. making them overseas in low wage countries. Every dollar we spend is a dollar going up to the already-rich in corporate America.

    Anyone who doesn’t agree with Griswold is ignorant….thanks a bunch, buddy. I’ll take a decent American made garment any day over a piece of trashy throw-away junk from overseas.


  5. As I listened to the interview I wanted to ask this one question. If they started to outsource Cato work overseas would he feel if it was his job. They have a lot a smart researchers in Asia I am sure would do what ever it is he does could be done cheaper by them. The same for the high paid CEOs when it start hurting the class that have made the decisions get a taste of their own medicine if their job get outsoursed.

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