Tuesday November 17, 2009 | U.S. Military, Diversity & Muslims

November 16, 2009 at 12:00 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

Today, we’ll look at how the military and other large organizations manage diversity. A representative from Fort Bragg will share the Army’s policies regarding religious and cultural diversity. We’ll also hear from a Muslim Imam who was a military veteran and member of the Charlotte City Council and from a local resident who grew up in an Islamic country but now calls Charlotte home. They hope to provide understanding on faith, culture and diversity in the military, government and corporate worlds.
Osama “Sam” Wazan
– Retired Executive of a Software Company, Muslim
Nasif Majeed – Imam, Former City Council Member and military veteran
Ltc. Rafael Boyd – Program Manager, XVII Airborne Corps, Equal Opportunity Office, Fort Bragg

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  1. You could have expanded the show, though only an hour, by having a guest of the now apparently Christian, not what I grew up with, faith as well. Especially as to Diversity. These last years, long before Ft Hood tragedy and still not any proof of a religious tone except for the Major name and religion, there have been numerous reports of the push, especially in these two occupation theaters, of a christian fundamentalist message within the military, and some blowback from.
    Maybe after this show you may expand on that at some point later. For those of us who served and are serving now don’t do so for religious ideology as our oath even states, “To Defend the Constitution and Country!” not religion, political ideology, fundamentalism of any strip.

  2. If you have time, and related to above comment, I have a short post up with some thoughts but more important a couple of links as to point above. You can quick read here: http://imagineaworldof.blogspot.com/2009/11/missing-link.html it’s subject title is “Missing Link?”.

  3. Thank you for hosting me today. I am grateful for the opportunity.

    There are many myths about Islam that I like to debunk. I get asked many questions about Islam and what the Koran says. Based on my Islamic upbringing and new studies of the Koran, I designed a workshop.

    My intent is to increase awareness and be a nonbias informative resource for my community and those who seek better understanding.

    If your listeners would like to know more, I like to ask that they go to http://www.osamawazan.com.

    Warm regards,
    Osama Wazan

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