Monday November 16, 2009 | Education: Meaning, Method & Morality

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An educator with strong North Carolina ties comes back to the area to talk about his experiences in his 50 years as an educator and his thoughts on raising a generation that cares. Bruce Stewart is a founder of the North Carolina School of the Arts and just recently retired from the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC (where President Obama’s daughters attend.) We’ll talk with him about his thoughts on education and how parents and educators alike can encourage students to be socially responsible citizens.
Bruce Stewart
– A founder of North Carolina School of the Arts and recently retired Headmaster of Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC

  • Event  |  Bruce Stewart will speak at Myers Park Baptist Church Tuesday November 17th at 7pm. More information.

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  1. Has Mr. Stewart had any involvemnt with the organization “Me to We” started by the Keilburger brothers and if so what are his thoughts?

  2. Bruce Stewart displayed his belief in diversity in education early on. When the lady who is now my wife visited the Guilford College campus to see whether she wanted to attend, this was 1968, she and others got a campus tour from Bruce Stewart. My wife was a smart, pretty 18-year old from Connecticut. Bruce told her that day she was accepted into Guilford for the fall, even though he had not seen her College Board score and she had not even applied. I think he wanted another Northeasterner at the school!

    Sandy Shansky came to Guilford that fall when I was a senior. We were married two years later and had our 39th anniversary this year.

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