Friday November 13, 2009 | Anthony Foxx

November 12, 2009 at 11:44 am | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

Earlier this week we said goodbye to Mayor Pat McCrory and his era of leadership in Charlotte. Today we welcome incoming Mayor Anthony Foxx to the program. We’ll talk to him about his campaign, his new job and his vision for the future of Charlotte.
Anthony Foxx
– Incoming Mayor of Charlotte

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  1. Hi Anthony!
    I have only met you a few times but I was so impressed with your wit, intelligence and big heart. I hope we have you for a few terms and then you move on to bigger things. We need people like you in the US Senate and House. Your family is wonderful. I believe you can tell a lot about a man by his interaction with his family. You clearly love yours and would do anything to keep them safe. I am glad Charlotte is now officially your second family and I know exactly how you will treat us and the people who work for you… with dignity and respect. I think if people really knew all that you have done you’d have gotten 70% of the vote.

  2. Mr Fox,
    On the issue of homeless people, especially those who are chronically homeless, oftentimes these homes bring a rise in crime in the community. For that reason I believe it would be more economically feasible to have proper security in the area of these homes if we had them all in the same spot. What is wrong with that???

    It would prevent the police from having to spread themselves too thin because crime is happening all over. Why not support our police in an area where we do have a bit of control. It makes sence to me and it makes since to the majority of people I talk to. It is not good for anyone to be around drug attics or any other crime bent people, but ifyou have all these people in the same area police can control crime there and therefore children having to live there would be all the better and safer as well.

    I don’t get I why can’t you guys think logically instead of politically all the time. Good common sence would be nice for a change.

    Joann W.

  3. Wow! Thank you so much. I am a political junkie but I look for people who have no other agenda than to help the people they represent have a better life. I have heard some people say things like “what happens to them has nothing to do with me”. I am always amazed at this. Where do they think crime comes from? People who grew up with warm loving parents and who feel safe about their basic needs, do not commit crimes. You sound like a great person! I am so glad I will travel the road with you (so to speak). Do you blog at all?

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