Wednesday November 4, 2009 | Charlotte Area Holocaust Survivors

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Longtime Charlotte area religion writer, Ken Garfield, recently took on a new project to find and interview Holocaust survivors still living here in the Charlotte area. He was able to speak to nearly all of the twelve remaining survivors in our area and compiled his conversations into a new feature that appears in this month’s Charlotte Magazine. For Garfield, born and raised Jewish, the project is the fulfillment of a promise he made to himself long ago. We’ll talk to Garfield and two of the survivors featured in the piece.
Ken Garfield
– Former Religion Editor at the Charlotte Observer, he now writes occassionally for Charlotte Magazine
Irving Bienstock – 83 years old, Holocaust survivor from Holland
Dr. Susan Cernyak-Spatz – 87 years old, Holocaust survivor from Vienna who survived Auschwitz, Theresienstadt and Ravensbruck

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  1. I forgot to call in and ask them why the numbers of Jews who were supposedly gassed at Auschwitz have been revised down many times now, from a supposed 4 million in the 40s/50s to only about 1 million today. Why the huge discrepancy? Other camps also have similar discrepancies.

    • Maybe because that isn’t true and you spend too much time on conspiracy theory websites. I suggest going back to school and getting your GED. Its never to late to get an education.

  2. Listened to the show on 90.7…my daughter is studying the Holocaust in middle school and was thinking having a survivor come and speak to the students would be an eye opening experience for them. Is there a way to contact the guests and ask?

  3. I have some family that escaped from a death camp, they where polish jews. Being of jewish desent had a strong impact on my life in a positive way and gave me an awarness as to the hipocracy of politics, governments and the justice system in general. My mother and father became Jehovah’s Witnesses and I later became one myself and since then my eyes really opened up as to the reality of the truely diabolical works of the nazi movement and its supporters. The Catholic Church activly supported nazis all over the world. Argentina’s official church is and was Catholic and helped many nazis flee to saftey to many countries simpathetic to Hitler such as Argentina’s President Peron. Why has the “Church” never been put on trial over their involvment. I know they publicly said we’re sorry but is that really justice? They set the ball in motion to knowingly end lives and in many cases were pro-activly assisting the SS in their dirty works. I must say that for my German born Jehovah’s Witness brothers in faith that died in camps did so of their own valition and gladly so. I say so because they were routinly offered papers to sign a renouncment to their faith and let free without prejudice. Although the majority proudly never did sign instead they gladly accepted the outcomes of such posture against one of histories most evil governments. I must say that Hitler clearly had a deep discuse towards Jehovah’s Witnesses because they refused his terms to win back “freedom” as German born citizens. They we’re persecuted because of their faith alone and not for their race. Jehovahs’s witnesses we’er used by Nazis as personal servants for families of SS because they knew that as Jehovah’s Witnesses they would do nothing to harm them due to their faith. Maybe someday “Hollywood” will show intrest in this small group of corages holocost victims and survivors. I’m glad that my parents became Jehovah’s Witnesses and that I know know that God has a personal name and the importance it has to use it when addressing him and knowing him. Can you really say you know someone if you refuse to use his name when he openly says in the bible that he wants everyone to know it? He says it over and over and over again, but yet the Tetragamatation (God personal name in Hebrew) is replaced by Lord or Allmighty…etc. In hebrew there already are words for lord and allmighty but they are not the Tetragramatation. Once a person learns the significance of his personal name (as did Moses) one become that much closer to him and becomes able to withstand all attacks made upon them. True justice will come to all those whom have fought against God’s right to his rulership the lives of mandkind. We accept his rulership in our live freely and without obligation to live a life that is truely worth living of dieing for.


    In the late 1960s, the WatchTower Society commissioned an exact and comprehensive history of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Germany, which was to include exact and precise statistics for the Holocaust period, which were to be extracted from not only government archives, but, more importantly, from the WatchTower Cult’s own METICULOUS RECORDS in Germany and other European countries. That report was published by the WatchTower Cult in 1973.

    Apparently, the WatchTower Cult was greatly disappointed in the Holocaust statistics uncovered by its own legal researchers, because that report has rarely been cited by the WatchTower Cult in its’ own Holocaust-related articles published subsequent to the 1973 report. Instead of using its’ own documented exact statistics, both the WatchTower Cult and individual Jehovah’s Witnesses routinely cite inflated statistics from non-WatchTower sources whose numbers are inflated “guestimates”, or are inflated numbers from unreliable and inaccurate records.

    Accordingly to the WatchTower Cult’s own 1973 report, only 6019 Jehovah’s Witnesses were arrested in Germany during the 12 year Nazi period of 1933 through 1945. Only 2000 German JWs were ever sent to concentration camps. Only 203 were executed. Another 432 German JWs died while in custody in all German jails, prisons, and camps.

    Exact numbers for other Nazi-occupied countries are unknown. Even Holocaust experts who inflate German JW statistics guestimate that only
    600-800 non-German JWs from Nazi-occupied countries were ever sent to concentration camps. Mortality figures are not known.

    Thus, only 2600-2800 Jehovah’s Witnesses were ever sent to Nazi concentration camps. Death statistics are not known, but can be reasonably estimated to be in the 500-700 range. The JW TOTAL for 1933-1945 is about HALF the DAILY AVERAGE of Jewish deaths — 1370 every single day for the 12 year Nazi period.

    During this same 1933-1945 time period, there were more Jehovah’s Witnesses arrested and jailed in the United States than in Germany. In fact, just during 1941-1945, approximately 4500 American Jehovah’s Witnesses men “elected” to go to prison rather than serve in the U.S. Military and help stop Nazis atrocities against their fellow JWs.

    Approximately 3000 of those 4500 American JWs were even offered “conscientious objector” status, in which they were offered “non-combatant” work as a substitute for military service, but 99% of those 3000 American JWs refused to help out even that much.

    It is an insult to memorialize the small handful of anti-societal, trouble-seeking Jehovah’s Witnesses alongside the 6,000,000+ Jewish Holocaust victims given that Jehovah’s Witnesses view the Jewish people much as did the Nazis.

    The WatchTower Cult preaches its own version of “replacement theology”, which teaches that YHWH rejected the Jews as His “chosen people”, and
    replaced the Jewish people with today’s “Jehovah’s Witnesses”. The WatchTower Cult teaches that modern-day Jews are YHWH’s enemies, and that all of the YHWH’s promises of restoration for the Jewish people now belong to the followers of the WatchTower Cult.

    In fact, the title “Jehovah’s Witnesses” was originally applied to the Jewish people by the Prophet Isaiah, and that scripture is even memorialized on the wall inside the front entrance of the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

    The WatchTower Cult, in calling its own members — “Jehovah’s Witnesses” — is attempting to steal that designation away from the Jewish people. This is the very reason that for the past three decades that the WatchTower Cult has had a corporate department dedicated to making certain that every single Holocaust rememberance of any size or type — newspaper article, book, speech, museum, etc — anywhere in the world, publicize the fact that the WatchTower Cult’s own “Jehovah’s Witnesses” were equally persecuted alongside “natural” Jews. This is the WatchTower Cult’s way of claiming that “Satan” and his human supporters hate “Jehovah’s Witnesses” as much or more than they hate natural Jews — thus attempting to prevent the Jewish people from laying claim to any spiritual significance that might be interpreted from the Holocaust experience.

    In 1933, after the Nazis first started arresting some German JWs, the WatchTower Cult issued a public proclamation of appeasement which condemned an imagined partnership between “Jewish Big Business” and the governments of the United States and Great Britain, which supposedly oppressed and exploited other countries, including Germany. The WatchTower Cult’s proclamation condemned the Americans and the British as “the most oppressive empire on earth”.

    A conciliatory letter also was sent to Hitler, which highlighted those areas in which the WatchTower Cult supported the new Nazi government. The letter even claimed that the U.S. Government had imprisoned the leaders of the WatchTower Cult during WW1 because they refused to print anti-German propaganda.

    During the early years of World War 2, when Germany and Japan were having much success on the battlefields, the WatchTower Cult started teaching that the Bible prophesied that the Axis Powers would defeat and rule over the United States, Britain, and other Allies.

    In the United States, JWs went to the homes of families of American service men and women and told those parents, siblings, and spouses that Germany was prophesied to win the war, and that in fighting against Hitler, American and British soldiers were fighting against God’s will. A Jehovah’s Witness named Taylor was arrested after going to two homes of dead servicemen and telling their families that their sons had died while opposing God’s will. Don’t believe this? Read 1943 U.S. Supreme Court case TAYLOR v. MISSISSIPPI. Remember the actual historical context the next time you read some liberal newspaper or book’s account about how some poor innocent Jehovah’s Witness was beaten during WW2 for doing nothing except preaching the Bible door-to-door.

    While it is true that a small number of German and other European JWs suffered greatly during the early stages of the Holocaust, it is also true that during the latter stages of the Holocaust that imprisoned JWs became exemplary Nazi collaborators highly valued by the Nazis.

    Over the decades, the WatchTower Cult itself has published numerous biographical stories in which imprisoned JWs are praised for having been given positions of authority and responsibility within the various Nazi concentration camps. Various Nazi officials are quoted praising those JWs for not only their work, but their work ethic and supportive attitudes.

    In fact, one of Heinrich Himmler’s deputies even sent Himmler a report suggesting that after Germany won the war that conquered non-Germanic christian countries be forced to convert to the Jehovah’s Witness religion, so as to maintain a controlling religious element in those people’s lives which would pose no threat to Nazi political control.

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