Tuesday October 13, 2009 | Teen Violence

October 12, 2009 at 9:21 am | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

Several tragic occurrences in our own region have put a spotlight on teen violence. Young people deal with the challenges of growing up but violence should not be a part of those challenges and our panel of experts work to understand youth violence and to curb it. They join other national experts in Charlotte this week for a conference sponsored by Students Against Violence Everywhere, or SAVE, but first they join us.
Dr. Pamela Riley – Executive Director, National SAVE office
Dr. Elizabeth Vita Peterson – Mecklenburg County Mental Health Services
David G. Jacobs M.D. – Assoc. Medical Director, F.H. “Sammy” Ross Trauma Institute, Carolinas Medical Center

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  1. an item in today’s NYTimes gave a story about a six-year-old boy who was put on a non-trivial suspension from first grade. His offense? He’d received a combination knife/fork/spoon as part of his boy scout gear and he’d brought it to school to use in the cafeteria. The zero tolerance rule caught him.

  2. Many children, adolescents, and adults for that matter do not have enough creative outlets. People who do not create tend to manipulate or destroy. We need to restore arts and music education but also need to get people away from television and outside to garden and recreate themselves. More healthy adults should get involved in both outside of and inside of school scouting, 4 H and other such programs need to make them more accessible and free.

  3. Mike,

    If we would take just half the time we teach to the EOG and spend it
    teaching peace in the classroom, what a difference it would make
    in the school system

    All adults need to take challenge of teaching peaceful moments to the children in their lives

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