Wednesday September 30, 2009 | Charlotte’s Streetcar & A Chorus Line

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Part One: Charlotte’s Streetcar
A debate on whether Charlotte should have streetcar service along its central corridor has taken several twists and turns. The issue has grown more contentious with the city council overriding Mayor Pat McCrory’s veto of a $4.5 million design contract to study the streetcar route. Supporters say the design is needed now so that the city can apply for federal funds later but detractors say the $450 million, ten mile route is another transportation boondoggle. Charlotte Observer reporter Steve Harrison has covered much of the debate and he shares the streetcar story with us.
Steve Harrison – Savvy Citizen Columnist, The Charlotte Observer

Part Two: A Chorus Line
The “singular sensation” has arrived and is on stage now in the Queen City. We’ll be joined by cast members from the longest running American musical “A Chorus Line.” We’ll find out how this production maintains its relevance over decades on the stage and we’ll also talk with one of the original cast members whose part was based heavily on her experiences.
Clyde Alves – Actor, plays Mike in “A Chorus Line”
Robyn Hurder – Actress, plays Cassie in “A Chorus Line”
Baayork Lee – Co-Choreographer of the revival for Broadway and the tour. She was the original Connie and dance captain, and the role was based heavily on her life.

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  1. What all the nay-saying tax payer watchdogs forget is that when it comes to spending on rail projects, one must amortized that cost over decades, if not centuries. The famous Chicago El Train is over a 100 years old. Cities like NY, Chicago, San Francisco, and even Cleveland, Ohio fattened by running rails to the centers of commerce.

    Rail projects pay for themselves time and time again. You simply cannot move that many people any other way. If you want to grow, you need rails.

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