Monday September 28, 2009 | Life Lessons Learned on the Hudson

September 25, 2009 at 11:40 am | Posted in Coming Up | 4 Comments

We’ll meet one of the many Charlotteans who was on board Flight 1549 out of New York on January 14th when it made an emergency landing in the Hudson River. Clay Presley, a Charlotte businessman, learned a lot of lessons on that cold winter afternoon that can be applied to our lives and even to business. We’ll talk about his experience and his new outlook.
Clay Presley – President and CEO of Carolina Pad, passenger on Flight 1549
Beth Mchugh – Business woman, passenger on Flight 1549

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  1. Hi – just listening in to Clay describing our experience…. I’m the lady next to him on the wing (that said ‘hey look – there’s a boat!’). Just wanted to say great job Clay on describing our event and hope all of your listeners will read more about it in our upcoming book. Avail 11/3 – pre-order yours today at

    “Miracle on the Hudson – The survivors of flight 1549 tell their extraordinary stories of faith, courage and determination.”

  2. This conversation with Clay Presley was amazing. I have heard that there are many life changing experiences that the passengers have had and I am fascinated by their positive and uplifting account of the day. As Clay indicated a lot of it was due to Solly calmly communicating with the passengers and then his amazing skill at landing the airplane.

    I hope I can find Clay’s and Beth’s 4 or 5 actions that they took away from this experience. They seem to be things that all of us should incorporate into our lives.

    Thank you for bringing these meaningful conversations to the listeners.

    • Eileen, I would be glad to share with you the four lessons I have
      taken away from the plane crash. So glad that you enjoyed the
      conversation and my thanks to Mike and Clay for letting me join in.

      You will also find the four actions in the second book which will come
      out in early January just before the one year anniversary. It will be called “Brace for Impact” (HCI Publications)and is a collection of
      stories from passengers about the impact on our own lives and those
      we love.

      Acceptance- when you accept life as it is and people as they are,
      you become more tolerant of differences and individuals. Once the
      terror had passed into acceptance that I could not control the
      outcome, I accepted the situation and felt a sense of calm.

      Hope- I believe that we were blessed with a miracle and that
      miracles generate hope. Hope is what feeds our souls and gives us the strength to go on despite obstacles. Hope gives us something to try
      for; something to take risks for.

      Gratitude- nothing will give you a complete sense of gratitude
      from the soul like getting your life back when you were sure it
      would be gone! Living every day with gratitude for what we have,
      joy in sharing what we have, loving the gift of being able to share…
      …these make life the best kind of pleasure. When I’m flying and I
      hear people grumble about a flight delay, I want to say to them,
      “A delay is time to think, to reflect.” It is time- a gift to be
      grateful for.

      Kindness- Janaury 15th 2009 was a day many of saw so much simple human kindness in action…people giving of themselves, their care, their
      time and strength, their belongings. I believe that if we teach our children only one thing, it should be kindness, because that one trait leads to caring, empathy, tolerance and acceptance….with those, how
      can the world help but be a better place? Sending a hug for you!

  3. Listening to Clay’s account of the events on flight 1549 made me think about how I would have felt if I had been in the same situation. Would I have had time to text my family a message about how much I love them? And how much I would want to see my grandchildren grow up?The message for me is make certain you always tell your loved ones how important they are to your life. We never know if we will be here another day, so make certain that you enjoy the time you are given. I look forward to reading the book and hearing comments from other passengers and flight attendants.

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