Friday September 25, 2009 | The Perfect Hamburger & Hot Dog

September 24, 2009 at 11:40 am | Posted in Coming Up | 10 Comments

Chef Peter Reinhart is back for our monthly food show. Today we celebrate those quintessential American staples, the hot dog and hamburger. Those two basic foods are experiencing a sort of renaissance with dozens and dozens of variations, cooking styles and forms of meat or meat substitutes. Join us on a quest for the perfect hamburger and hot dog.


Peter Reinhart – Chef on Assignment, Johnson & Wales University
Frank Scibelli – Owner, Big Daddy’s Burger Bar
Dave Mueller – Owner, Mueller’s Sandwich Shop
Bruce Kraig – Culinary Historian and Author of Hot Dog: A Global History

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  1. Zack’s or Mr. K’s – hands down best two burger places anywhere in Charlotte! None other … don’t want to even discuss it … next topic! 🙂

  2. Mac’s has the best black bean burger i’ve ever had — add onion rings and chipotle aioli please!

    • Big Daddy’s has the best black bean & falafel burger hands down! The sweet potato fries rock!!!

  3. Mr. K’s has a great Burger….Zacks, not so much. Also a great burger from Bar-B-Que King on Wilkinson and the now closed (and bulldozed) Town and Country Drive In …also was on Wilkinson Blvd

  4. Heard about Muellers Sandwhich Shop the other day. Stopped in last night with my wife. Dave the owner made our burgers and it was delicious! I agree best burger in town. Not to mention Dave, what a great guy. We fealt like we went to his house for a cook out. The shop is tucked away but if you know about it you are a true Charlottean. I will spread the word. Thanks Dave.

  5. Regarding the conversation on why are hot dogs sold in 8s and buns sold in dozens.

    I’ve been buying 8-packs of hot dogs and 8-packs of buns for the past 15 years. I don’t ever recall seeing 12-pack hot dog buns.

  6. Here in Columbia SC area, pimento cheese cheeseburgers are the regional variation. They are very good.

  7. Big Daddy’s also does a Buffalo Burger. So tasty and yet so healthy.

  8. Brooks Brothers off of North Davidson is a great burger and should be tried by all. They have been around a long time. Simple and quick and the way a joint should be. You stand up outside to eat.

  9. I only caught part of the show; will have to catch the rest on a podcast. Your show is timely with Guy Fieri spotlighting diners, drive-ins and dives on the food network. Thanks for doing it. Would like to hear something similar for the Charlotte area.
    I would certainly include the The Penguin as one of the city’s bright spots when it comes to delicious hamburgers and excellent hotdogs. The diversity of the cities residients that frequent the establishment is interesting as well.

    A great neighborhood restaurant for us has been the recently opened Lodge. They make a variety of hamburgers made to order. They are fantastic! Bring on the classics!

    The Fat Tongue

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