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Much of Charlotte’s recent housing projects are focused uptown and along the light rail line but an entirely different type of development called “Agriburbia” is sprouting up here and in other places in America. Agriburbia represents neighborhoods built in the suburbs with a large central farm and small farm plots in the yards of each home. The inventor of Agriburbia joins us to describe this growing movement to create a nation of small farms.
Michael Hinshaw
– Partner, Hinshaw Properties, LLC. and President, Charlotte Homebuilders Association
Quint Redmond
– Owner, TSR Group
Dane Fisher
– Co-Owner, Fisher Farms

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  2. […] + Up around the small North Carolina town of Granite Quarry located in Rowan County, the ‘neo-agrarian’ concept of ‘Agriburbia‘ is taking root in a planned community/village called ‘The Farmstead‘ which is slated to be built there in stages during the coming years.  Good radio interviews with the planners of this ‘Agriburban’ community can be heard HERE as well as HERE. […]

  3. Please don’t forget to mention–and recognize the influence of planner Randall Arendt as the “inventor” of the conservation subdivision model…from which the agriburbia concept partially stemmed. Thanks.

  4. What’s the minimum size of the farmland portion of this concept that makes that side of the equation economically sustainable?

  5. Are your guests familiar with the American Farmlsad Trust? I’m trying to figure out if they’re for the small farmer, i.e Grateful Growers or the Monsantos of the world.

    Will these agriburbs be orgarnic?

    Also would these agriburbs advocate for native plants on the property and skip the manicured lawns?

  6. Are there towns/counties in America that have incorporated ordinances or standards that allow (and encourage) this form of development model? If so, what are they (so we can contact them)?

  7. I’m now retired, but I wish I were young and healthy enough to live at one of these sites. It’s the best idea I’ve heard in a long time.

  8. This Agriburban concept is a GREAT idea; I’m only in my 20s yet I’ve been thinking about these ideas for a few years now, figuring out how to bring food production closer to where people live instead of having this irrationally strict separation between the residential and the agricultural.

    This is an excellent way make individuals as well as communities more self-sufficient, though it’s not really a new idea, more like an idea that is now being revived after being lost in the last few decades of uncontrolled suburbanization – Agriburbia is exactly how people in the USA and elsewhere have been living for centuries. These Agriburban neighborhoods are built like pre-industrial or medieval villages basically (though still with the technological amenities of modern times of course). We need to start building and implementing neighborhoods like these as soon as possible while North Carolina still has a decent amount of good farmland left instead of just paving it all over or building highly dependent neighborhoods where no food is grown.

    In addition to building new neighborhoods or developments using these Agriburban ideas, I think that people should start retrofitting existing neighborhoods too as was discussed in the program.

    I’d love to get involved in this Agriburban project, up in Granite Quarry or elsewhere. If y’all are hiring in any capacity, please let me know at my blog: – as I said, I’ve been thinking about all these concepts for quite a few years now, and I can do both the physical labor side along with the more intellectual tasks like writing/editing, planning, sales, website design, etc.

    We clearly need to start doing away with unsustainable/industrial forms of agriculture and move back toward more localized and sustainable methods of food production. I hope that these ideas related to Agriburbia can help us to do exactly that.

    • We are in the process of planning and developing our 1368 acre mountain site in Jonesville, NC. We are developing about 415 acres of this property with 110 acres being a farmstead and co-op garden area(common area). Some tracts will have private garden sites, others will share the community garden areas and the vineyards. There are 5 lakes on this property and when completed we will have about 108 home sites. This is a very unique property – if you have the opportunity please by all means stop in and take a look at what we are doing.

      We contacted Quint Redmond right after the Charlotte Talks radio broadcast, he was very excited to hear about such a project on this scale. He will be back in our area in about two weeks time and we have invited him to stop in and look over our version of what he calls ‘Agriburbia’.

      We are very fortunate to have such visionary people on our team – especially when it comes to preserving the character of such a unique property. We want to preserve the open meadows and the views as much as possible.

      If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me 336-940-8088 or email me

      Mountmor Farm 5727 US Hwy 21 N. Jonesville, NC 28642

      • This concept will work in proportion to the dedication of the participants. I am very enthusiastic about the ideals put forth, but expecting our TV mentalities to allow us to run out to the farm fields, immediately, is optimistic at best. With everyone being concerned about saving money now, however, it is a great time to start!

        I think there needs to be a core of farmer “coaches” which will help the people who are ready for the rigors of farming, to demonstrate the benefits to those interested but not yet ready to take the “plunge.” Also, greenhouses attached to a house can help heat it and grow food more conveniently, year round if clevor means of insulating them are employed (styrofoam bead walls-filling void between double paned glass or plexiglass with styrofoam beads-blown in during the night and vacuumed out during the day-beads may stick to condensation-I am researching this ).

  9. Question:

    If I have one farmer farming 20 acres of tomatoes vs. one person farming one acre, the first one is producing more that the other making his tomatoes cheaper.

    So the second one will have to sell his tomatoes at a lost to compete with the farmer who produce in large values.

    I can’t not see that your guest ideas can be profitable. Can they explain?

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