Wednesday August 26, 2009 | Transportation in North Carolina

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North Carolina ranks third in the nation for the most congested metro roadways, and is one of the fastest growing states in the nation. That’s part of the reason why the North Carolina Metropolitan Mayors Coalition is holding a transportation forum this week at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord. Concord Mayor Scott Padgett and the keynote speaker at the forum, White House Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs David Agnew will join us to discuss how transportation funds are allocated around the state, possible improvements to urban infrastructures, developments for public transit and much more.
Mayor Scott Padgett
Mayor of Concord and Host of the Transportation Conference
David Agnew – White House Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs

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  1. I for one am tired of rural NC politicians villifying the cities. I’d love for the Metrolina Council of Govts. or some other urban/suburban group to present some compelling statistics. Charlotte, Raleigh and the Triad are economic engines that finance much of this state – Mecklenburg is a net loser in taxes paid – both gasoline and general.
    North Carolina does not put its gas taxes into roads but blurs it into the general fund. It also has no formula that figures the amount of money which a county contributes or its population into road growth.
    How many of you have ever been on a freeway in the mountains where you couldn’t see another car in any direction? Doesn’t happen here.
    Check Michigan’s formula for road money distribution and see a much fairer system which politicians can’t manipulate.
    Bill Strong
    Box 273

  2. You were wondering how SC has better roads.
    They have different priorities there and I think NC priorities are better. This was demonstrated recently when students in SC were very vocal about their feelings when Gov. Sanford didn’t want to take any of the money from the Fed Govt.

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