Tuesday August 25, 2009 | Native Art & McCrory on Stimulus

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Part One: Native American Art
We’ll hear the story of a local art collector whose post-retirement travels allowed him to amass a large collection of work by Native American artists. He has put together a museum-quality collection of natives’ art of the New World (Alaska to Guatemala). His collection is now on display at the Mint Museum of Art. We’ll talk to him about the histories of some of these pieces themselves.

Nelson Grice
– Retired accountant and local art collector
Dr. Dorie Reents-Budet – Curator for Ancient American Art at the Mint Museum of Art

Part Two: Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory on Stimulus Money
Last week, Mayor McCrory wrote an opinion article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal about stimulus money and his thoughts about where the money’s going and whether it will be useful in the long run. He joins us to talk about local stimulus money, where it’s going, and his thoughts about the role that stimulus money is playing in the current economy.

Pat McCrory
– Mayor of Charlotte

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  3. The mayor is wrong. In addition to the $4M of ARRA money mentioned by the mayor, the City received nearly $3M in stimulus money for storm drainage improvements.

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