Thursday August 20, 2009 | Political Parties of Mecklenburg

August 18, 2009 at 1:40 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 6 Comments

From Tea Parties to Town Hall meetings, political gatherings are becoming more vocal and more intense. We meet with the heads of the three major parties in Mecklenburg County to discuss political rhetoric, each party’s agenda and whether or not the dialog between Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians is becoming less civil. Join us for a conversation about the political climate in our region.
Robert Bryan
– Chairman, Republican Party of Mecklenburg County
Joel Ford – Director, Democratic Party of Mecklenburg County
Conrad Harvey – Chairperson, Libertarian Party of Mecklenburg County

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  1. I am Libertarian.

    These days a lot of Libertarians really are conservatives. There is a sharp distinction in my mind between a Libertarian and a conservative: their concept of individual freedom.

    I hope that whoever is your guest as a Libertarian is not really just another Republican/conservative. Based on the little I know, which is meager, I hope you don’t have as representing Libertarians someone from John Locke which, as I had read a few of their items, is more conservative.

    Perhaps instead someone (Mike Tanner?) from the Cato Society in DC.

  2. I should add this:

    In today’s controversial and combative health care situation—

    Conservatives would side with Republicans and oppose any Obama move to fix the problems, and would oppose even more anything that threatens the business interests involved.

    Libertarians would want to fix the problem and would favor free market solutions, would involve business interests, but would NOT favor business interests over the health-care consumer’s interests.

    Democrats use government to solve the problems.
    Libertarians use the market to solve the problems.
    Republicans seem to be opposed to anything.

  3. This show is going to rock.

  4. There seem to be a lot of conservatives trying to pass themselves off as Libertarian. A social libertarian favors decriminalizing marijuana, recalling all US troops back to the US, ending marriage discrimination and getting the government out of the marriage business. A social conservative who is economically libertarian thinks government’s sole purpose is the protect the rich from the poor.

    Republicans love to try to label Democrats as socialists, but the alternative they offer – theocracy and fascism, is much, MUCH less appealing.

  5. I really believe that Lee Atwater should be given much of the blame for the current political discord and downright anger between the parties.

  6. I am sick of hearing about the bill being 1,000 pages. “A thousand pages” is simply another boogeyman term.

    Any citizen who wants to know about the health care bill could have easily read it in 10 days if they take 100 pages a day. Lawmakers have no excuse when they complain about a thousand page bill because it is their job to read such legislation.

    Therein lies the problem. Certain people would rather listen to the “interpretations” from the mouthpieces rather than read the bill for themselves.

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