Thursday August 6, 2009 | Stephen Schwartz & Hickory Theatre

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Part One: Composer Stephen Schwartz
We’ll meet Stephen Schwartz. He is the award-winning composer of several hit Broadway scores, including Godspell, Wicked, and Pippen. He’s also worked in film, composing scores for Disney’s Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Enchanted. This fall, Schwartz will debut his first Opera Seance on a Wet Afternoon. We’ll talk to Stephen Schwartz about his career in the arts, his success and hear some of the music he has written.
Stephen Schwartz – Composer

Part Two: Hickory Theatre
Hickory is a small town with a big appetite for the arts. That spirit of culture came to the attention of Broadway performers Robert Clater and Hudson, NC native Lesia Kaye as they searched for a place to develop a new theatre. They are putting down theatre roots in Hickory and bringing well-connected friends like Stephen Schwartz to town for visits. We’ll sit down with a new theatre team in Hickory to learn more about their plans to add to the already culture-rich Unifour region.
Robert Clater – Co-owner, Clater Kaye Theatreworks
Lesia Kaye – Co-owner, Clater Kaye Theatreworks

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  1. The Stephen Schwartz Project is not taking place in Hickory, NC. It is taking place in the small town of Newton, NC. The city is very proud of its 75 year old Art Deco styled theatre. Please make sure your information is updated.

    With regards,
    Reggie Helton
    Executive Director
    Newton-Conover Auditorium

  2. “Day by Day”…. What a great way to make the drive work bearable!! I am sure my fellow travelers were wondering what I was on as I sang my way down 77. 😀

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