Friday July 24, 2009 | Industrial Uses of Hemp

July 22, 2009 at 12:53 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 10 Comments

Our forefathers grew it in abundance and many of their tools and clothes were made out of it, but now it’s against the law to grow or possess in most American states. We’re talking about hemp. A new push to legalize this useful plant is growing and we’ll meet some of the leaders behind that push. We’ll also learn about the plant itself, its industrial use and the politics behind the debate.
Greg Flavell – Co-Founder, Hemp Technologies, Inc.
Gale Glenn – Vice-Chair, North American Industrial Hemp Council
Eric Lineback – Treasurer,

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  1. So what is the downside of hemp? There must be some negative.

    • Some business would lose profits, so they lobby and pay lots of money to politicians to keep it illegal.

  2. The only arguments against hemp, as provided by the DEA and the like, are based on its connection with marijuana. They claim it will confound their eradication and control efforts. However, all these arguments are baseless. In fact, over 30 other countries around the world, including Canada, grow it and they have no such problems with drug enforcement. Fear and misinformation are the only things these opponents have on their side.

  3. Sounds like an amazing product. I agree that the problem is mis-education. I had no idea that the drug content of industrial hemp from government approved seeds was different from a common marijuana plant.

    It’s ironic that we in the “land of the free”, yet we allow a few special interests to control and curtail all of the potential benefits our society could reap.

    • That’s correct. The distortion of policy caused by special interests has impacted this issue, as well as many others, and that is certainly a disheartening fact. That is what we are fighting against here.

      Hemp is a distinct variety of Cannabis, just as a Beagle is quite different from a Chihuahua — same species but quite different. There is simply NO recreational drug value in industrial hemp.

  4. In my mid-teen years, I stumbled across groves of hemp plants growing in between the corn fields in southern Illinois (the “s” is silent by the way). I thought, as a rebellious teenager I had hit the motherlode. Thirty some odd years later, I still go into coughing fits remembering the folly of that learning experience. The only high you’ll get from smoking hemp is oxygen deprivation.

  5. If you feel compelled to action here, there are lots of great resources available online to learn more and take action. We need people to learn the truth, the facts, and contact their reps in government to help educate and move them in the right direction. Together, we can apply the neccesary pressure to change our misguided policies in America. Visit and start there today. Our resources and tools will help you make a difference.

  6. I Cant believe enough people in this great country are so closed minded to allow something like this to continue to not be utilized.

  7. Re-Education is what most Is needed in this ongoing battle.If we All stick together,We have a chance to change the laws,this will in turn level the playing field,and create a New Billion dollar industry from a plant,that will in turn save the world.

  8. Great job Eric! And thank you to WFAE for speaking with him. A domestic crop of Hemp would help our economy! Peace, Tramp

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