Thursday July 23, 2009 | Deconstructing “The Lord’s Prayer”

July 21, 2009 at 2:39 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 9 Comments

We’ll speak with two authors of a book about the Lord’s Prayer and its Hebrew roots. We’ll hear the story of the authors’ journey to Jerusalem, through history and across different religious beliefs to find common ground.
Nehemia Gordon
– Jewish Bible Scholar, Co-Author of A Prayer to Our Father
Rev. Keith Johnson – Methodist Minister, Co-Author of A Prayer to Our Father
Dr. James Tabor – Chair of the Department of Religious Studies, UNC Charlotte

  • Amazon  |  A Prayer to Our Father
  • Johnson and Gordon will talk about their book Sunday at the Doubletree Inn in South Park from 4-6pm. More information at 704-364-2400 and here

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  1. Looking forward to this interview!

  2. Great book!!!!

    Thank you for all the time u both spent to publish this book to help us understand the Scriptures.Thanks for sharing your views and knowledge too.

    we can’t hear the interview due to working, but for sure we will download the podcast later.

    May Yehovah be with you.

    • Your site as it appears here, is a mess. It has higlights jerking all over while the page does the same. I do not knw the cause, but it is nt the way to represent Yahweh yet His word will go to the world as He exclaims. I will not spend any time with the page. Thank you.

  3. It is not surprising to me that the Lord’s prayer is of Hebrew origin. I consider most scripture in the Bible to be of Hebrew origin and all Hebrew writings to be of Ethiopic or African origin–but I guess that’s another show.

  4. I recall reading that a version of the Lord’s Prayer was found inscribed in an Egyption temple of Akenaten (msp?).
    As this was before the Exodus, could this be the posible origin of the prayer?

  5. Reading contemporary writing requires interpretation of the meaning. Anyone who believes that the meaning of words is crystal clear should listen to kids debating the meaning of passages from Harry Potter.

    For people to claim that they know for certain what everything an author of ancient writings literally meant, particularly when those writings have been translated multiple times, is just bizarre.

  6. This was an awesome program! Thanks so much for airing it.

  7. Thank you for airing this broadcast. Lots of people I know say that the New Testament was written in Greek and Aramaic and totally dis the thought that Hebrew could have been around and used at that time period. They also dis the “Hebrew Mathew”. I would love to have a book that would go into all the reasons to believe it was written in Hebrew, and that Hebrew was used in the Temple and the Synagogues at that time. Also, though there is no known copies of a Hebrew book of John (Yohanen), I would love it if both of you could pursue the Prayer of John 17.

    Thank you for sharing your findings for us in this book.

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