Friday July 10, 2009 | The Attack on the Liberty

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Guest host Chris Clackum guides us through a look back to the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty by the Israeli Defense Force and the investigation that followed. We’ll hear a first hand account from a Charlotte resident who is a survivor of the attack and from his son who authored a book about the incident, The Attack on the Liberty: The Untold Story of Israel’s Deadly 1967 Assault on a US Spy Ship. We’ll talk about survivor accounts of the attack, what happened in the aftermath, and about why United States and Israeli officials worked to de-emphasize the attack.
James Scott
– Author, The Attack on the Liberty
John Scott – Survivor, damage control engineer aboard the Liberty

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  1. A few weeks ago, President Obama attended the Holocaust Memorial Museum Remembrance Ceremony held in the Capitol Building.

    Who will remember the victims of the war crime committed by Israel on the USS Liberty?

    June 8, was the 42 anniversary of the war crime committed by Israel on the USS Liberty. President Obama did not meet with the families/victims of the USS Liberty in a remembrance ceremony? Israel committed a war crime when they attacked the USS Liberty, a US intelligence-gathering ship in international waters off the Sinai Peninsula on June 8, 1967, killing 34 sailors and wounding 172. I had an occasion to meet a survivor of that attack. Tears rolled down his face as he recounted that war crime. He said he could remember it as clearly as if had happened yesterday. We must not forget how America betrayed the patriotic citizens serving on the USS Liberty. They have suffered the pain of the attack then the pain of betrayal by their country.

    I encouraged Senator Webb, Rep Joe Sestak (three star Admiral (Navy) and others to remember the crew of the USS Liberty this past June 8th, but to no avail.

    One of the three people water-boarded was Al-Nashiri who is believed to have been the main planner of the USS Cole bombing. A Muslim gets water-boarded and Israel is rewarded with billions of extorted tax dollars after they bombed the USS Liberty! Standards are obviously different for Muslims and Jews!

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