Thursday July 2 | Meeting Basic Needs & Bald Eagle Release

June 30, 2009 at 10:59 am | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

Part One: Meeting Basic Human Needs
Earlier this week, a collaborative group of Charlotte Mecklenburg officials and community organizations held a community dialogue on meeting basic human needs in this economy. As a part of Charlotte Mission Possible, we’ll talk about what community members, local officials and organizations had to say about the needs of our community and what is being done to meet those needs.
Willie Ratchford
– Exec. Director, Charlotte Mecklenburg Community Relations
Carol Hardison – Exec. Director, Crisis Assistance Ministry
John McGillicuddy – General Manager, Mecklenburg County government

Charlotte Mission Possible is a joint effort by local media outlets to help Charlotte residents understand the charitable needs of the community and then find ways to help meet those needs. Learn more.

Part Two: Bald Eagle Release
An injured bald eagle arrived at the Carolina Raptor Center a couple of months ago to undergo rehabilitation including surgeries and to gain back its lost strength. This weekend, the eagle will be released back into the wild. Mike will talk with the veterinarian who helped bring the bald eagle back into good health to find out how the rehabilitation and release process works and about how different birds respond to the process.
Dr. Dave Scott
– Staff Veterinarian, Carolina Raptor Center

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  1. I think I saw a bald eagle in a tree on Hwy 73 as I crossed over the Coddle Creek Reservoir this morning. Could that be possible. I see lots of hawks in the area, but this bird had a bright white chest and head. It was stunning!

  2. Hi Beth,

    Great question! You can find bald eagles in this area, but they’re not as common as their neighbor, the osprey. I believe you saw an osprey due to the fact that it had a white head and chest, where as the bald eagle only has a white head and tail!

    For more information go to:

  3. i saw bald eagle at Coddle Creek Presbyterian Church July 11th, 2012.

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