Tuesday June 23 | Charlotte’s Development with Doug Smith

June 22, 2009 at 11:23 am | Posted in Coming Up | 2 Comments

After nearly 20 years of covering real estate and development in the Charlotte region, Doug Smith retired from the Charlotte Observer earlier this month. We’ll talk with Doug Smith about Charlotte development over the past 20 years and what he sees in Charlotte’s future in terms of growth and development, and he’ll also share his advice on how the city should focus their growth management.
Doug Smith – Retired Business and Development Columnist, the Charlotte Observer

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  1. Could you please discuss plans for the Independence Blvd area. I drive by the Briar Creek through Sharron Amity area every day and just shake my head. You can’t park your car in your lawn in Charlotte but County and City leaders allow all those buildings to sit in decay and bring down everyone’s property values in that area.

  2. Doug:

    Can you forward this to Doug Smith for me.
    I heard the rebroadcast last night and did not have a chance to pose my question for Doug Smith during the live taping.


    I am thinking of purchasing a restaurant on South Blvd.
    It is in the block between Tyvola Rd. and Emerywood Dr.

    The location is 100 feet south of the Tyvola intersection with South blvd.

    It seams this area has fallen off the past few years.
    With the light rail right across the street from this restaurant, have you any thoughts or heard of any new development for that portion of South Blvd.?

    I enjoyed your column over the years and good luck in your retirement.
    My e-mail is John@IFMgroup.net and my name is John T. Let me know your thoughts and opinion of that area.

    Thanks in advance….

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