Thursday June 11 | State Tax Reform

June 9, 2009 at 11:13 am | Posted in Coming Up | 7 Comments

There is a growing chorus of voices among North Carolina House and Senate members calling for a modernization of our state’s tax code, but not everyone agrees on how to do it. Critics say the current tax code is not only unfair, but it fails to raise the revenue necessary to deal with the state’s explosive growth. Our panel of experts will untangle the current tax code and  help us understand some of the changes that may be on the way.
Roland Stephen
– Asst. Director for Policy and Analysis, Institute for Emerging Issues
Ben Russo – Assoc. Professor of Economics, UNC Charlotte
Joe Coletti – Policy Analyst, John Locke Foundation

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  1. […] budget guru Joe Coletti will attempt to get a word in edgewise with Mike Collins on WFAE today at 9am. The topic, state tax […]

  2. What a shock – three liberals and the John Locke guy as the token “person with a a brain.”

    First question: “Since you’re in favor of raising taxes, can you show me where you wrote an extra check to the NC Department of Revenue and mailed it in?”

    No, Mr. Collins, that question isn’t for your GUESTS, it’s for YOU!

    • Clearly, folks tend to stop listening after they hear the word “taxes.” Broadening the sales tax base will actually LOWER sales tax rates and make our system more stable so when this happens again, we aren’t paying 15% sales tax everything from a pack of gum to a new car.

      • The current proposals RAISE SALES TAX RATES. Why do you LIE?

      • Actually, the Senate plan would LOWER overall rates. Get it straight.

      • Broadening the bases only lowers rates if the legislature chooses to lower rates. The Senate plan would have lowered the sales tax rate, but the House plan increases it. The Senate would not have lowered the rate enough to make the net effect revenue neutral.

  3. We can’t keep putting bandaids on our tax system year after year. We need siginifcant fiscal modernization becuase our current system relies heavily upon volatile income tax revenues. Broadening the sales tax base to include servies would provide stable revenues across the board AND even lower the overall sales tax rate!

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