Friday June 5 | Furniture Wars

June 2, 2009 at 10:24 am | Posted in Coming Up | 4 Comments

We’ll discuss the history of the American furniture manufacturing industry from an insider’s perspective. Former furniture industry CEO Michael Dugan joins us to talk about the “wars” inside the furniture industry, from the power struggles between “outsiders” and “insiders” of the industry, to the global wars between US furniture producers and the lower-wage Asian producers. We’ll also talk about how the once-thriving North Carolina furniture industry is faring amid these changes and the economic downturn.
Michael Dugan – Author, The Furniture Wars: How America Lost a $50 Billion Industry

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  1. Gotta love the picture of the chair being speared by a broadsword.

  2. Don’t you think that the high end furniture industry lost their concentration on the cutting edge fashion that made the Henredons of the world what they were to begin with?

    What differentiates these high end companies now?

  3. I have been a furniture designer in the industry for more then 20 years. One of the reasons manufacturing went to China, in my opinion, was the attitude of the people in the factories. When we would challenge them with new concepts they would say, “we can’t do that”. So marketing would take the project to a factory in China that would welcome them with open arms. It was easyier.

  4. Good Morning,I Worked For Broyhill Furniture 23 Years And While Owner J.E.Broyhill Let Son Paul Broyhill Run And Greatly Expand Operations. Son Congressman James T. Broyhill Went To D.C. To Look After Interest.In Mid 1980’s Interco Bought The Company And Is Now Owned By Furniture Brands International Out Of St.Louis.I Could Say And Write Much About The Death Of Our Industry And Economy.It Is Hard To Be Brief But Last Year The City Of Lenoir Along With Caldwell County And The N.C.State Government Gave Furniture Brands Millions In Incentives To Stay Here In Lenoir As They Threaten To Move Elsewhere.Anyway, The Problem Did Not Start With NAFTA As Most Would Have You Believe But Major Changes Came Quick After Erskin Bowles Went to China To Work Out The Details And Over 80% Of Congress Both Parties Voted In The Free Trade Agreement With China Which Bill Clinton Signed In October 2000. After That Is When All These Factories Close the Doors And Went Overseas.Corporate America Has Wined And Dined The Legislative And Executive Branchs Of Government To Do Their Bidding All Because Of Greed.Everyone Wants More Money.Broyhill Had Over 8000 Workers When I Started And Now Have Around 1300 These At The Main Office,The One Big Upholstry Plant And The Warehouse Of Imports Called Plant 23.Workers Use To Make 10 to 16 dollars per hour Now These People Have Been Reduce To 6 to 10 Dollars per hour Working Retail,And Service Jobs And Many Retiring Early.George Bush Also Done His Part Going Around The World Making Free Trade Agreements With Everyone Like CAFTA And Even Vietnam The Very People Who Laugh In Our Face Of The Way We Handled That War And Is A Slap In The Face To The Great Men And Women Who Served Bled And Died There With Great Honor.If You Notice Patrick McHenry Voted Against These Bills. He Is Still In Office Elizabeth Dole And The Other Republicans Voted For These Bills Were Voted Out As Voters Are Tired Of Being Sold Out. Well,All I Can SAy Is That we Must Stop The Rape Of The Anti Trust Laws And Decide If Want Protectionism Or Not.If Not And Without Manufacturing Which Made Our Country Great We Wil See Our Land Dwindle To A 3rd World Country.If People Don’t Work And Pay Taxes Neither Can We Sustain The Life Our Forefathers Help Us To Attain.I Buy Made In The U.S.A. When I Can But Is Hard To Find Anything Made Here Anymore. But Some Families Can’t Afford.If You Really WAnt To Know The Truth About Things Have Sen.Ernest “Fritz” Hollings Of S.C. On Your Show He’ll Give You The 411 On Our Jobs. Anyway, Praise God For America And May He Always BLess And Keep For Without His Help We Shall Fall. From A Lover And Patriot Of America In Prayer. Thanks !!

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