Tuesday June 2 | Summer Movie Season

May 28, 2009 at 1:00 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

The movie guys are back to talk about the Summer blockbuster movie season. Matt Brunson from Creative Loafing and Sean O’Connell from Charlotte Weekly will guide us through a season of Monsters and Aliens, Wizards, Angels and Demons, lots of explosions and even a few laughs.
Matt Brunson – Entertainment Editor, Creative Loafing
Sean O’Connell – Film Critic, Carolina Weekly

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  1. Mike –

    Writing from Mooresville:

    1. Could your guests comment on the consistency of revenue reporting from year to year. That is, is the “highest-grossing” film of yester-year on the same inflation adjusted scale of today’s films? If not, then what is truly the highest grossing film?

    2. What do your guests view as the mimimum requirement a film must have before a critic “likes” a film. The public generally likes a film because it makes them feel good, it was cool, it was suspenseful, etc. Critics often differ than the public – I suspect it based on this “criteria”.


  2. Damn, it’s nice hearing another adult male who really likes(d) “Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles”. I thought it an excellent show, and like you, cannot understand Fox canceling it, especially before the release of Terminator Salvation”………go figure!!

  3. Dear Mr. Collins:

    I could not believe my ears. Someone in the media owned up to liking the Sarah Connor Chronicles! As a contributor to the Guide to the Sarah Connor Chronicles, I’d be interested in knowing what content we should add.

    Also, since you are a radio journalist, I would like to know your opinion of how we can expand our radio section of Guide to the Sarah Connnor Chronicles. If you plan to do a program on the Sarah Connor Chronicles or simply want to plug Charlotte Talks, please let us know. Please note we are international and I picked you up on internet radio.

    To your blogger Michael Sheets, there are lots of adult males who liked the Chronicles. If the show is going to find another network to pick it up, then fans need to let interested networks know that they will change viewing habits to tune in. [See: “Why the Alarm?” module for more information]

    Like your show.
    Thank you!

    Ms. Toni Roman

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