Tuesday May 26 | Organic Gardening Made Easy

May 22, 2009 at 4:02 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 15 Comments

Many people looking to save money on their food budgets are turning back to gardening, which can be cheaper and more nutritious. We’ll discuss organic gardening with Don Rosenberg, who has spent much of his career making gardening so easy anyone can do it. A specialist in backyard gardens, he’ll share his wisdom.
Don Rosenberg – Organic Gardener and Author of No Green Thumb Required!

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  1. We’re growing tomatoes and peppers in pots, and yikes we’re using Miracle Grow potting soil, I said it not the gardener. Should we be adding anything to the soil. I thought we should toss a worm or two in the pots and got laughed at. Any tips for gardening in pots? Thank you.

    • Hi Peggy,
      Glad you liked the show. The Miracle Grow will eventually wash out. In a month or two, just sprinkle some organic fertilizer on top and mix it into the top 1″ of soil. You can throw in some worms now and see what happens.

  2. Great show! We have a garden at Safe Hands Learning Center here in Charlotte. The kids love it! Our summer program will allow the kids to grow veggies and ultimatly cook and eat them. Does your guest have any suggestions on working with kids in the garden at home and/or at schools?

  3. My husband loves gardening but last year he found a disturbing weed and looked it up. It’s a dodder. Very destructive. He dug deeply and widely and hoped he removed it. He just found another piece. Do you know this weed? What to do?


    • Hi Katherine,
      Not sure what that is, but weeds often have different names. My approach is to avoid the weeds entirely by building raised beds and using weedless soil. RoundUp is actually a pretty safe product to try if pulling it doesn’t seem to work. It works by getting into the system of growing weeds and then becomes inactive once it’s done.

      For more gardening questions you can try the Master Gardener Line at 704-336-4011

      • Did you seriously just say that RoundUp is “actually a pretty safe product to try???”

        For someone who is speaking as an expert on organic gardening this is a shocker.

        Have you done much research into Roundup and its maker Monsanto? Anyone interested in sustainability and people’s well being really should be. In my opion it’s totally irresponsible to advise anyone to use Roundup – particularly in an organic garden.

    • Anyone interested in information about Roundup and its makers should watch this documentary: I say get all the information you can!


  4. Hi. How do I best remove heavy weeds, mainly crabgrass from a bed in my yard. I have used roundup but hate to use chemicals as I have dogs. Will black plastic do the trick?

    • I’m not a crabgrass expert, but I know there are pre-emergent controls. Also, I hear that mowing an inch higher is effective against it, and also using organic fertilizer for your yard.

      As above, try the Master Gardener Line at 704-336-4011

  5. Love the show!

  6. Are you sure this book signing is at 7:00 tonight at Joseph Beth in Southpark? It is not listed on their website.

    • Hi Deanna,
      It was booked at the last minute. I’ll be there if you will!


  7. Someone said I was being a little harsh, so I apologize for that. I just feel very passionately about Monsanto and the horrible things they are doing to farmers in particular, and the environment and people in general. I wish more people were aware of this and could make more educated purchases.

    That said, I appreciate what you are doing and that you are giving people information to help them get gardening…myself included.


  8. How do you fix a Dix Honda Motor Grass cutting machine ? Its been lying down in my garage since 5 months or so

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