Tuesday May 19 | Banking Update

May 18, 2009 at 3:19 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 2 Comments

We want your questions and comments about all things finance and banking. We’ll find out exactly what bank stress tests are and how our area banks and banks across the nation did with them. We’ll talk about the aftermath of the Bank of America shareholders meeting and what splitting the CEO and Chairman positions will mean in the short and long term. We’ll also discuss what’s ahead in the financial sector- are we headed for easier times in the next few months or will the uncertainty continue indefinitely?
Dr. Tony Plath – Assoc. Prof. of Finance, Belk College of Business, UNC Charlotte

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  1. Your guest sounds less than a professor and more like the marketing arm of Bank of America. He seems to reject any idea that Bank of America and other large banks made grave and greedy mistakes over the last five years. His dismissive tone as he says that banks would “love to lend if there were qualified borrowers” is almost offensive–remembering that the banks rather famously lent to anyone with a pulse and a signature until last fall. I hope he’s being compensated for his excellent PR work for Bank of America.

  2. Correct, Dustin Harbin: The next time I see the name Tony Plath as guest commentator I will turn to WNSC and listen to “The Takeaway” with John Hockenberry. Charlotte Talks should be discussing the falsity of “means testing” or the manipulation of the stock exchanges using electronic money from the FED and the US Treasury (as discussed by Kevin Phillips in “Bad Money.”) We are not in recovery so much as delusional. Real estate prices continue to fall: Credit continues its collapse: Unemployment still rises: And a food crisis propelled by energy shortage, water shortage, climate change and failed states looms on the horizon. (Hint: Learn not to trust in meat and to live without meat.) Mike denies being a journalist with good reason….

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