Friday May 15 | Dyslexia

May 14, 2009 at 9:35 am | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

Ron Davis was born deeply dyslexic. He was labeled mentally handicapped at school, endured abuse and could not speak clearly or read at all until he was an adult- even with an IQ of 137. Then Mr. Davis discovered a method to emerge from his Dyslexia and went on to become an engineer, businessman and now an author. He calls his Dyslexia a gift- we’ll find out why.
Ron Davis – Author, The Gift of Dyslexia

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  1. I must point out that there is no evidence that Einstein was dyslexic. He may, just may, have been slightly autistic, but even that is doubtful since, as Walter Isaacson points out in his recent Einstein biography, Einstein was indeed capable of meaningful social interaction and forming intimate relationships. Dyslexia is but one of many myths surrounding Einstein.

  2. After listening to this program i was stunned to think that people could believe that Ron Davis taught himself to read in just 36 hours. I have been an Orton Gillingham tutor for over ten years. I teach multi sensory language instruction to dyslexic children and children who learn differently. This is a tried and true program that has been proven to work. Many programs have become off-shoots of O-G that have been proven not to work such as Fast Forward, whole language.
    I wonder if Mr. Davis would be diagnosed as dyslexic today.
    The dyslexic’s brain is wire differently. In utero is when this happens. You think differently because of the difference in the brain. You also cannot undo dyslexia. One learns to learn differently and acquire the tools to be successful. With O-G the student not only learns to read through learning the rules, syllables, etc but applying it to what is read. O-G also teaches written expression, vocabulary, reading comprehension which encompasses the many difficulties of a dyslexic. For Mr. Davis’ program to work in 36 hours, seems to me not a possibility.

    Rosemary Forcucci

    • Hello Rosemary, I have three sons below the age of 9. All of whom have been diagonosed with dyslexia. The youngest 7 yr old is most severly. I have heard of Ron Davies Program. However what is O-G ? We stay in Dubai and there is little to no help for dyslexics here in school. Please contact me on
      Thank you

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