Friday May 8 | Trends in Nursing

May 7, 2009 at 8:49 am | Posted in Coming Up | 7 Comments

A group of nursing professionals will join us to discuss some of the current trends in the nursing industry. We’ll talk about the shortage overall in the field of nursing, patient safety, healthcare spending and how the increased diversity of our population affects how nurses interact with patients. Join us for a look at the healthcare industry and its issues seen through the eyes of nursing professionals.

Barbee Whisnant Burgess – Asst. VP, Nursing Excellence, Carolinas Medical Center
Dr. William Cody – Dean, Queens University School of Nursing
Dr. Rumay Alexander – Director, Multicultural Affairs, UNC School of Nursing

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  1. I have been a nurse for over 20 years. 9 of them in Charlotte. I understand that many of the local schools of nursing which have affiliations with hospitals guaranteeing jobs to students upon graduation have in fact not hired the students coming out of college. So many of these students are unable to find jobs coming out of school because many of the larger facilities in Charlotte are not hiring new graduates.

  2. For several years, I worked in one of the many other healthcare professions that is overshadowed by nursing. There are proportionately more nursing students graduating each year than for other medical professions. However, there is a higher turnover in the nursing profession than amongst professionals in the lab, radiology, etc.

    Nurses have successfully established networks to move out of clinical work and into other professions. Many non-nursing positions are filled by nurses with nurses. A shortage cannot simply be addressed with more money or schools. There needs to be a different approach to recruitment and training of nursing students.

  3. I am a BSN prepared Registered Nurse with 22 years experience. I moved from “The North” 2 years ago and took a significant reduction in pay to work in a large hospital system in the Charlotte area. Until this region chooses to step up the pay scale, there will be fewer young people pursuing nursing. It is very difficult to go to work and make $14 less per hour to do the same work I have done for many years.

    • What is a “BSN prepared” nurse ? Perhaps this is the reason for the pay reduction decribed above. This is part of the problem with nursing, ie, the confusing spectrum of degrees granted to nurses. To attract the high achieving science inclined HS students we need to dignify the profession with a standardized degree program. Hard to attract students to a BSN when you are granting 2 year nursing degrees as well.
      The last speaker on todays show also illustrated the confusion and ambivalence in nursing, as he ended his vignette with a teary segment re hand holding…We also need smart motivated nursing students with an interest in science math technology and admin. what holds nursing back is the need to explain why nurses take care of pateients., ok we get it.

      • Two year degree nursing are not simply just granted a degree they are prepared by education and life experience to take the same test as those who are BSN prepared. I am a Associate Degree nurse and I made more money than my managers although I worked for it “lots of overtime”. Your hospitals and other medical facilities are responsible for the descrepencies and confusion within the nursing field, divide and conquor, We should just stop this and stand together as one. Let each individual choose which level of degree they want to obtain.

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  5. hello, i will have a report in my master’s about current trends and issues in our profession, i want to know through this blog the latest and perhaps the most controversial topic to make my class interesting..please help me..thanks

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