Friday April 24 | Motown at 50: History, Music and Art

April 23, 2009 at 8:48 am | Posted in Coming Up | 2 Comments

As Motown turns 50, we look back at some behind-the-scenes history with Motown album cover artist Curtis McNair. We’ll talk about some of his favorite and best-known album covers, and hear about his least favorite work. Members of a Motown tribute group also join us to discuss Motown’s significance and how fans of Motown music still react when they hear their favorite songs.

Curtis McNairFormer Motown Album Cover Artist
Cush Roberts – Leader of Spectrum, a Motown Tribute Group
Darryl Grant – Member of Spectrum

Click below to see Motown Album Covers designed by our guest, Curtis McNair:

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Listen to Show

Spectrum performs at the Charlotte Symphony Motown concert April 25-26th. Album covers from Curtis McNair will also be displayed.


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  1. Thanks for the inclusion of the wonderful Motown cover designer on your show this morning. It’s always good to see artists highlighted as integral to success.

    In response to the wishful use of Photoshop earlier, I think the old covers have an honesty that many designed products today do not. Of course photos were retouched then, but I don’t think there was so much digital “plastic sugery” going on as it is today. I’m sure Marvin Gaye was just as handsome on in concert as he was on the cover.

  2. I really enjoyed this show. Made me proud to know that the guy that designed all those great Motown covers is from NC. It was nice to hear a little about how that process worked.

    Worlds biggest Motown fan!

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