Friday April 3 | Director of Mecklenburg County DSS

April 2, 2009 at 10:44 am | Posted in Coming Up | 3 Comments

Join us for discussion about some of the recent controversy surrounding the County’s Department of Social Services office. We’ll talk to Mary Wilson, the Department’s director about the reports of possible misuse of funds by two employees at DSS and about hiring practices within the organization.
Mary Wilson – Director, Mecklenburg County DSS

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  1. I’ve sent an email because I think it is really important for the listening public to now that very few workers at DSS are truly social workers; they are caseworkers. The title is tossed about with such abandon and it is unfair to the population served, the workers, and persons who have received the credentialing required to use the professional title. Social work is a much maligned profession, particularly because workers who have not completed either a Bachelors degree or a Masters degree in Social Work. A degree is not required by DSS and perhaps it should be a requisite for the difficult work that must be done. Please call caseworkers just that. If they are degreed, then social worker is the correct designation.

  2. I just left a comment. Was it not received?

  3. I am so sick of hearing people demonize government workers – which includes teachers. This is becoming a self fulfilling prophecy by discouraging people of quality from seeking these jobs.

    The right wings worshipping of all things privatized while simultaneously portraying government as the root of all our problems as well as our idolizing of people who make a lot of money has only exacerbated the problem. When my daughter was an education major she was never once praised for wanting to do this important work – all she ever heard was that she would never make any money. And we wonder why our society is in so much trouble.

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