Friday March 27 | Youth Sports and the Law

March 26, 2009 at 1:33 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 2 Comments

As popularity in youth sports programs rise dramatically, so does verbal and physical abuse of young athletes. Stories have emerged of punitive practice sessions and the denial of water, with sometimes fatal results. Lawsuits are becoming more common and advocates are calling for more oversights of youth sports. We’ll look at this growing controversy, the drive to win and how it may be harming our children.

Brooke de Lench
– Editor, and Author of Home Team Advantage
Dr. Thomas Appenzeller – Assoc. Professor, Sport Management, Wingate University and Author of Youth Sport and the Law

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  1. As usual I only caught a small portion of the show before I had to go but did anyone else think that a few of the descriptions were a tad graphic? I know I’m squeamish about blood and the like and that it’s difficult to talk about the issue without listing examples but… well I guess there’s no answer to my point. Just that I’m a wussy I guess.

    Also, it was really hot in the volunteer-staffed call center this morning for the pledge drive.

  2. Indeed, this is an offshoot of the desire to stake a claim in the increased commercial clout that sports has acquired over the years. Everyone wants to be the best or raise the best. Sports has grown from it’s basic social relevance to a huge source of not just fame, but fortune as well.
    This is why there is increased legal intervention in the field of sports and sports regulation. The tricky part is maintaining the equilibrium between amateur and professional sports so that the cultural and social values of sport are not lost for the sake of its commercial value.

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