Wednesday March 25 | Oceanic Explorer

March 24, 2009 at 9:48 am | Posted in Coming Up | 2 Comments

Join us for a conversation with oceanic explorer Dr. Dana Yoerger. He’ll tell us about his experiences exploring the ocean floor, and about using robots to explore the deep sea. We’ll also take your questions about deep sea exploration.
Dr. Dana Yoerger – Associate Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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  1. While living in Cambridge in the 80s, one of my MIT friends’ Master’s thesis in Architecture was in what he termed “Aquatecture”…which focused on pod-like environments that were sustainable under the ocean.

    How much do architects and engineers interact in developing the undersea structures?

    Re: The Titanic… What became of the “R.L.B” treasures that were discovered, as according to the French documentary of Alvin’s finds?
    It is family stuff, but I suspect it has been, um, redistributed.

  2. If I had been able to call in and ask somethings I would have asked:

    1. Dr. Yoeger mentioned the oceans’ pH levels rising and considering what a massive and interconnected volume of water we’re talking about, what kind of change are we looking at? A .001 pH value raise?

    2. What kinds of lifeforms live at these depths which would instantly kill any land-dwelling creature?

    3. Something cool I was hoping would be explained but wasn’t from what I heard from other people was the attention that has to be paid to the ship’s motion and that of the submersible that is connected to it via a cable. When the seas get rough the submersible has the potential to drop while the ship feeds out the line and drops with a wave but when the ship rolls back up onto the crest of the next wave the length of the cable might not be long enough and the cable could snap.

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