Monday March 23 | Your Finances: What Now?

March 22, 2009 at 10:33 pm | Posted in Coming Up | 4 Comments

One of the nation’s top financial advisors joins us to talk about personal finances in today’s economy and what you can do to protect your retirement or college funds. We’ll also discuss what people were doing with their finances during the Depression.
Larry CarrollCarroll Financial Associates, Inc.
Robert Kravchuk – Chair, Political Science, UNC Charlotte

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  1. Over reacting by not buying a car? (or other costly consumer product)
    Durables are frequently deferables. Defered until there is adequate confidence. Until then, buy the pizza, defer the car.
    Lose a significant part of your family income and you too will
    “over react”.

  2. The reason there is no confidence is that the same people are running the financial instutions. These are the ones that saw this comming and continued to ride that horse down to the bloody kneecaps.. got off the horse and put the thumb out for the federal bus!!!

  3. The Bush-Ken Lay love affair did not set a good example of financial responsibility. As above, so below.
    With adult supervision finally at the helm, the economy should grow organically strong.

    I’m bullish because I am creative, and trust creatives more than reactives. We are at the beginning of a renaissance of creativity. A Golden Age of health, peace, gardens, and grooviness.

  4. The theoretical Bond trader at failed bank needs to realize that if his employer loses $ XX billion that he should not expect a bonus regardless of his individual performance. This is standard expectation for employees at everyother company/industry. If he leaves his job I am willing to take it. I am quite sure I can do as well or better than these folks.

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